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The VIRAL DOPE Campaign is $300.00 and requires no contract. The $300.00 does not recur or automatically charge your debit card. You will need to create a FREE artist profile account here My account | RADIOPUSHERS Please review & E-Sign the card authorization agreement here.

30 Days of tracked Radio Airplay on “1” Digital Station within the RAIRADIO Network. The featured artist tracks airs 2X per day on each station. Featured artist can rotate “1” song per month. The track airs during the following peak times

7pm-9pm Eastern Standard Time
9pm-11pm Eastern Standard Time

Digital Radio Tracker charts the top artist’s records based upon radio demand.  RADIOPUSHERS/MUSICHYPEBEAST maintains at minimum 15 of the Top 150 artists charting weekly.  C/O the charts: Click Here

30 Days of tracked Radio Airplay on “1” Digital Station within the RAIRADIO Network.  POWER 102.1 TORONTO is monitored/tracked by The featured artist tracks airs 2X per day. Featured artist can rotate “1” song per month.

Stream POWER 102.1 TORONTO

Listen to POWER 1021 TORONTO on Apple Music

Hey Siri, play POWER 1021 TORONTO

RAIRADIO digital radio network is tracked via DRT (Digital Radio Tracker )

The featured artist receives a full-page 300-word editorial feature inside MUSICHYPEBEAST Magazine. MUSICHYPEBEAST Magazine is one of the premier entertainment and lifestyle media publications. MUSICHYPEBEAST Magazine is a high-ranking Google News site (Domain Authority of 55+). MUSICHYPEBEAST Magazine is a verified media publication on Muck Rack and a globally recognized mainstream news outlet.

DA BLAZE 88.7 XM is the Millennial Pulse of Miami Music. DA BLAZE 88.7 XM is a fully licensed station with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and SoundExchange, in Canada via SOCAN and Re: Sound, and in the UK via PPL and PRS for Music.

DA BLAZE 88.7 XM is a registered Top 40 and Pop music radio station powered by iHeartRadio. DA BLAZE 88.7 XM is available on all iHeartRadio streaming platforms, including Comcast, Xfinity, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, ROKU, and all iHeartRadio websites and mobile apps.

DA BLAZE 88.7 XM music curation team (DJ WESWILL, DJ NOPHRILLZ, THE MILLENNIAL GENERAL, CITYOFTYRONE) listens and provides real-time feedback on every music submission.

Upon an artist track receiving approval via the COMMISSION, the record is added to regular rotation for 30 Days. The featured artist record receives ONE spin daily on DA BLAZE 88.7 XM.

The featured artist track receives a customized sponsored 30-second iHeartRadio drop.


The featured artist video receives social media marketing powered by RADIOPUSHERS TV Instagram page. RADIOPUSHERS TV Instagram page boasts over 22,000 followers and averages 150+ comments per post. RADIOPUSHERS TV advertises the designated video on their IGTV channel. Follow RADIOPUSHERS TV Instagram account here: The maximum video time duration for IG promotion is 5 minutes.

Featured artist video receives admission into the RADIOPUSHERS TV YouTube Community. RADIOPUSHERS TV YouTube Community includes artists, DJs, music enthusiasts, executives, and super cool people.

The video is shared with a minimum of 100 people inside the RADIOPUSHERS TV YouTube Community. The designated video receives organic comments and shares for optimal engagement.

The designated visual is added to the VIRAL DOPE YouTube Playlist for 30 days. RADIOPUSHERS TV YouTube Community promotes the playlist to United States and Canadian consumers for views, likes, subscribers, and shares.

Videos capture between 3,000 and 5,000 views during a 30-day cycle. All traffic is verified via YouTube Studio. RADIOPUSHERS YouTube Community boasts over 1,200 subscribers.

*DISCLAIMER- All views are generated via YouTube suggested, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Upnext, and YouTube Home. These views are originated from organic and verified YouTube sources. NO BOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Watch the VISUAL MASTERPIECE powered by BIG HEAD BANDZ below:

Featured artist receives a 25-minute livestream interview on the VIRAL DOPE Podcast powered by RADIOPUSHERS TV and iHeartRadio. The visual podcast airs on RADIOPUSHERS TV official YouTube Channel. RADIOPUSHERS TV YouTube generates a minimum of 50,000 views and boasts over 1,200 subscribers.

The audio version airs on iHeartRadio, Amazon Music, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, and Pandora (delivery on their platform fluctuates.)

The Viral Dope Podcast is hosted by several dynamic people

DJ WESWILL IG: #IWorkDaily (@djweswill) 

Zoe RoseGold IG: Zoe RoseGold 🇭🇹🇺🇸 (@officialzoeenyc)

Kareesh Forreal IG: Kareesh Forreal (@kareeshforreal)


The featured artist receives video syndication on RADIOPUSHERS TV powered by ROKU. RADIOPUSHERS TV streams in 60+ countries, including France, Canada, and United Kingdom.

RADIOPUSHERS TV is the #1 Millennial Music and TV Network. RADIOPUSHERS TV airs premium visual content from the dopest and most innovative minds in entertainment.

The RADIOPUSHERS TV Visual Curation team must approve the featured artist’s visual before airing it on the network. The video must be censored of explicit curse words.

The featured artist video airs 5X per week inside a scheduled playlist.

All sales are final upon purchase. Campaign details are subject to change based upon digital service market demands and rate increases across consumer platforms.


Welcome to RADIOPUSHERS. We’re excited to partner with your brand and securing the transaction is ultra-important to our organization. After you complete the purchase you will need to E-Sign the Card Authorization form. The Card Authorization form validates the order and protects both parties. Whoever is the owner of the prepaid, debit card or credit card used for this transaction must E-Sign the card authorization form.