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Welcome to the TEAM of RADIOPUSHERS. We have multiple players on the front line and behind the scenes, making everything run smoothly.   

Zoe RoseGold- Host of the DREAMHUSTLEWIN, Rap Life Decoded, Voices of Tomorrow, and BETONYOURSELF Podcasts.  Zoe RoseGold hosts the POWERCIRCLE Live-Chat Engagement room on Spotify Greenroom.   

Kareesh Forreal– Host of the Release Radar Podcast (She interviews artists regarding their latest music release) and the RNH Magazine face-to-face Talk Show host.
XAYWAY– YouTube Partnership Manager- XAYWAY organically reaches out to artists on IG regarding joining our Subscriber Exchange Program 

Derrick T Lewis– Host of the WE BUILT DIFFERENT Podcast and Panoramic Vision Lifestyle Podcast syndicated on iHeartRadio and DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami 
Desarae Dee is the Digital Operations Director for RADIOPUSHERS. Her role is to make sure artists schedule their interviews, Monday board oversight, and making sure everybody is happy with RADIOPUSHERS 
Nicole Marie VP– Live-Chat Engagement Director- Her role is to ensure artists are connected with us on Spotify Greenroom and RIFF. Both are live-chat audio apps and engaging with us. 
Tanyette McCoy– Live-Chat Engagement Director- Her role is to ensure artists are connected with us on Spotify Greenroom and RIFF. Both are live-chat audio apps and engaging with us. 
Diamonique Jackson– Live-Chat Engagement Director- Her role is to ensure artists are connected with us on Spotify Greenroom and RIFF. Both are live-chat audio apps and engaging with us. 
DJ WESWILL: Worldwide Famous DJ WESWILL is the Executive Vice President of Music Curation and A&R for RADIOPUSHERS and DA BLAZE 88.7 XM Miami. All music and artist development goes through DJ WESWILL.  
Gerzy Gliss– Host and CEO of HYPECITY Show. Gerzy Gliss is Talent Acquistion Manager (Philly, New Jersey, and Connecticut) for RADIOPUSHERS.  
Patience Jay– President of Digital Partnerships and Global Branding for RADIOPUSHERS and all-inclusive brands. Patience Jay is the clue of RADIOPUSHERS.  
Her role is to seek and secure conducive monetizable relationships for all-inclusive brands. Patience Jay also oversees FM Radio and Touring partnerships via the KEYZ 2 DA CITY interactive platform.   
JOPAUL– Executive Vice President of DREAMHUSTLEWIN University. JOPAUL leads our visual E-learning division. JOPAUL conducts live-Q&A training sessions with artists regarding building their brand.  JOPAUL is host of the VERIFIED Podcast.   

Regina Love– SVP of Sync Licensing and Talent Acquistion 

Adrian Meeks– President of Artist Management, Touring, and Mediabase/BDS radio airplay. Adrian Meeks is CEO of Song Source Music Group.   
Zack Morris- Chief Technology Officer of RADIOPUSHERS.   
Drummaboy Fresh (2X Grammy Award Winning Producer)- Global Ambassador of RADIOPUSHERS 
R.Lyn– Major Recording Artist and Global Brand Ambassador of RADIOPUSHERS 
Dirti Diana– Host of the Rap Goddess Podcast and Global Brand Ambassador of RADIOPUSHERS  
Alexa Ayaz– Major Recording Artist/Global Brand Ambassador of RADIOPUSHERS 
Laghe– Host of the MUSICHYPEBEAST, Voices of Tomorrow, and VIRAL Dope Podcasts.   
Vicious J– Southwest Talent Acquistion Manager 
Major Recording Artist/ Social Media Brand Influencer EMEE.  EMEE is one of the most in-demand fashion brand influencers in the game.   
Major Recording Artist/Social Media Brand Influencer KINGFRENCHFAME.  KINGFRENCHFAME is a prominent figure in the world of digital branding and marketing.  
Major Recording Artist/Podcaster J.Chosen is one of the most decorated and gifted R&B singers in the music game.   
Yung Cassius
Major Recording Artist/Entrepreneur Yung Cassius is one the brightest stars in music and Global Brand Ambassador for RADIOPUSHERS.  
Fabiola is CEO Blvck Print Management. Her firm provides digital marketing strategies and PR related services for thriving entrepreneurs/artists.  Fabiola hosts several podcasts underneath the MUSICHYPEBEAST digital umbrella. 
Fabiola 🇭🇹 (@ibeenfab) • Instagram photos and videos
Judah Tucker is a graduating senior at North Carolina A&T State University.  Judah is graduating with a bachelor’s in Information Technology. Throughout her career, she has interned for various Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco Systems, Marathon Petroleum, Allstate Insurance, and Wells Fargo. Upon graduation, she will be working with Wells Fargo as a software engineer. 
Judah Tucker is a Digital Engagement Manager for RADIOPUSHERS.   

Jason Johnson aka Big Head Bandz is a Hip Hop artist, writer, producer, and the C.E.O. of Got Bandz Entertainment. Big Head Bandz hails from Middletown, Ohio, a Midwestern city located a few miles outside of the Cincinnati area. Big Head Bandz has been performing on stage since the age of six.  Big Head Bandz has opened up for such acts as Young Jeezy, BG, and Juvenile.  
Big Head Bandz is a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS and verified public figure on Instagram. 

Lord Daze is CEO of Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine and entertainment.  Lord Daze is one of the most influential and impactful figures in entertainment.  Lord Daze has been featured in Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta and launched successful marketing campaigns with Branson Cognac.   

Jonathan P-Wright- G.O.A.T Journalist infused with DIDDY Vision.