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KNOWLEDGE IS POWER Campaign costs $2,000.00 for a 120-day period. There will be a one-time charge and it will not occur again. The card authorization agreement can be reviewed and signed electronically here.

The RADIOPUSHERS Research and Development Team performs a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of the music and brand profile of the showcased artist. Jonathan P-Wright, the Senior A&R for Nebula and Chief Visionary Officer, carries out a meticulous hour-long visual assessment of both the artist’s online presence and physical profile.

The Visual Brand Audit Analysis encompasses the below-mentioned exhaustive services:

A thorough Music Review Overview & Analysis is part of this process, involving a detailed study of the artist’s music catalog. Jonathan P-Wright critically assesses at least three tracks from the artist, analyzing aspects such as sound quality, lyrical content, delivery, song structure, and marketability.

The detailed YouTube Overview & Analysis involves an assessment of the artist’s channel. Jonathan P-Wright views and evaluates a minimum of three videos from the artist, scrutinizing elements like video quality, plot, visual effects, and overall viewer appeal.

A comprehensive Spotify and Apple Music Analytics Overview is also included, providing an in-depth analysis of the artist’s metrics, playlist discovery, save-to-play ratio, gender ratio, and overall audience.

Lastly, there’s an In-depth Google SEO & Public Relation Analysis. Jonathan examines the artist’s SEO ranking and media coverage ranking.

A comprehensive examination of social media platforms is undertaken, focusing on the meticulous evaluation of artist’s engagement, audience growth, content excellence, and overall appeal. The platforms under investigation include:


This analysis provides a thorough understanding of the artist’s digital footprint, factoring in follower interaction and growth trajectories on these platforms.

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Photo Image: Entrepreneur/Podcaster Zoe RoseGold (@iamzoerosegold on IG)

The Knowledge is Power initiative offers a range of services throughout a 120-day cycle.

The campaign includes radio play on 99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI, operated by iHeartRadio, where two unique records are featured for 120 days.

In addition, the package comprises five distinct audio-only podcasts for 30 minutes each. These are distributed internationally through various platforms such as iHeartRadio, Pandora, Amazon Music, Audible, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Tunein, and Deezer. Click the link below to preview the Knowledge is Power Podcast schedule. 


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A crucial component of this campaign is RADIOPUSHERS’ engagement with at least 2,000 real and active Instagram users – 1,000 from within the network and 1,000 from outside – over 120 days. The engagement process involves the RADIOPUSHERS team delivering likes, comments, and IG story views to each targeted user. To ensure optimal performance, RADIOPUSHERS requires the artist’s login credentials. We perform all social media engagements directly from the artist’s official Instagram account.

Beyond engagement, RADIOPUSHERS also creates tailor-made call-to-action messages aimed at sparking responsive dialogues. Music and video voting surveys are crafted by the team for the artist’s followers to garner feedback.

Image Photo: Recording Artist QMOSHYN performing live at the annual WE BUILT DIFFERENT Conference on Miami Beach.

Photo Credit: Dorian Ash

RADIOPUSHERS supplies the musical performer with a curated list of 500 followers, specifically chosen based on their geographical proximity to the artist’s chosen location, to maximize Instagram growth. These followers are strategically located within or near the artist’s home city, thereby enhancing their local fan base and contributing significantly to their organic growth. RADIOPUSHERS’ geo-targeted digital platform includes followers from both sexes.

It is obligatory for every artist to interact with their geo-targeted followers through likes, shares, comments, and voice messages. RADIOPUSHERS provides all artists with comprehensive training on social media engagement to ensure active participation. This training is delivered via Google Meet Video Conference and lasts for a minimum of 30 minutes. The geo-targeted digital platform can be accessed through each artist’s account.

Lastly, the digital design team at RADIOPUSHERS develops videos for Instagram and TikTok specifically for the artist to share across their social media profiles.

The RADIOPUSHERS group organizes bi-monthly video conference calls via Google Meet with the artists to ensure that all mechanisms and processes are understood, and any queries are resolved. Each of these sessions does not exceed forty-five minutes.

The R&D division of RADIOPUSHERS provides the artist or entrepreneur with a custom-designed digital interface that includes a robust base of ‘500’ YouTube subscribers. The subscribers are carefully chosen by the RADIOPUSHERS R&D division to encourage optimum engagement and potential for expansion.  

The RADIOPUSHERS’ research and development team acquires superior YouTube profiles through hashtags that generate substantial traffic, especially those frequently used by independent artists. The tactical application of hashtags is greatly favored for attracting and accumulating high-grade followers.  

Artists can access their bespoke digital interface via RADIOPUSHERS encourages artists to establish a complimentary account with to access their exclusively compiled YouTube playlist. The objective of supplying these select YouTube subscribers is to empower the artist to engage with highly active users who resonate with their niche and business domain. This procedure enhances and accelerates growth. 

The Research and Development division of RADIOPUSHERS provides artists and entrepreneurs with a custom digital platform featuring ‘500’ followers on Twitter/X. These followers are carefully chosen by the R&D team at RADIOPUSHERS to maximize engagement and potential for growth.  

The R&D team at RADIOPUSHERS focuses on procuring high-quality Twitter/X profiles linked to hashtags that generate considerable traffic, especially those favored by independent artists. The calculated use of such hashtags is strongly encouraged to attract and accumulate premier followers.  

Artists can access their tailored digital platform via RADIOPUSHERS invites artists to establish a complimentary account with to explore their specifically assembled Twitter playlist. The aim of providing these select Twitter/X followers is to enable artists to interact with highly engaged users who align with their niche and business field, thereby enhancing and expediting growth.  

 Jose Wrexx

Image Photo: Recording Artist/Entrepreneur Jose Wrexx performing live at the annual WE BUILT DIFFERENT Conference on Miami Beach.   

The RADIOPUSHERS Research & Development Group presents artists and entrepreneurs with a custom-designed digital platform boasting ‘1000’ subscribers on Spotify. The process of selecting these Spotify subscribers is an intricate operation executed by the RADIOPUSHERS R&D Group, with a strong focus on optimizing engagement and fostering potential growth.  

The R&D team at RADIOPUSHERS curates premium Spotify profiles from trending hashtags frequently utilized by independent artists. This approach of targeting hashtags is highly favored as an effective strategy to capture and draw in followers of exceptional quality.  

Artists are granted access to their tailored digital platform via the website RADIOPUSHERS offers artists the opportunity to set up a free account with and gain entry to their distinctive, curated Spotify playlist. The curated Spotify playlist Monday board includes the artist’s Instagram profile URL for direct access.  

The objective behind supplying these select premium Spotify followers is to facilitate artists in connecting with highly active users that resonate with their niche and business sphere. This not only enhances their profile but also accelerates their growth. 


As we navigate the path of life, our goal should be to maximize efficiency rather than squander energy needlessly. Continually asking your admirers to ‘Pre-Save’ your entire musical output may not only frustrate them but also consume a considerable portion of your valuable time. RADIOPUSHERS’ Accelerator Platform for Spotify and Apple Music endows the followers of musicians with the ability to

Pre-Save’ all future releases through a ‘SINGLE’, ‘ONE-TAP’ action.

This action results in automatic followership on Spotify and Apple Music.

Subsequently, Spotify and Apple incorporate your latest releases into the music collection of your prospective fans immediately.

On the launch day of your new music, an ‘automatic’ save is initiated.

Each ‘Pre-Save’ gathers the fan’s email address, facilitating the automated generation of an email contact list. While individuals may regularly change their phone numbers, it’s infrequent for them to modify their email addresses. RADIOPUSHERS coalesces this list into an Excel Spreadsheet format and disseminates it via email.

Every musician necessitates the use of ‘POWER TOOLS’ for the development of a musical DYNASTY.

Check out the Apple & Spotify Accelerator link for ‘The Millennial General’ here:


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The Research & Development sector of RADIOPUSHERS provides the artist or entrepreneur with a tailored and meticulously curated digital platform that includes ‘500’ TikTok followers. The followers on TikTok are hand-picked by the diligent team of RADIOPUSHERS Research and Development to maximize interaction and growth potential. The artist has the ability to monitor their digital platform via

RADIOPUSHERS cordially invites the artist to set up a free account with, providing them access to their personalized TikTok playlist, curated specifically for them.

The purpose of offering these carefully selected TikTok followers is to equip the artist with the means to connect with highly engaged users who share their niche and business area. This method serves to boost and speed up growth substantially.

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Media training is an essential tool in the realm of public relations, acting as an effective means to prepare individuals for successful media engagements. It enhances the speaking and overall communicative abilities of those being interviewed, simultaneously assisting corporations in conveying their message to the general public with significant impact.

The artist in focus is given two media training sessions each month, lasting thirty minutes each, over three months. These training sessions are conducted via Google Meet Video Conferencing.

Artists are instructed on retaining command of the conversation and ensuring the discussion remains on track during interviews. They are coached to anticipate and respond to difficult queries, and to steer through unexpected turns in the conversation. Furthermore, they are guided to employ body language, voice inflection, and other non-verbal cues to radiate confidence and genuineness.

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The featured artist benefits from strategic event planning, publicity, and revenue generation strategies. Our team provides invaluable digital resources that significantly enhance the visibility of the brand and event. Our main goal is to furnish the artist with the ability to attract at least 500 viewers for their Instagram Live virtual concert. Attracting at least 500 individuals to the showcased artist’s Instagram profile is indicative of their brand’s influence and commercial viability.

RADIOPUSHERS & RSG Agency design customized CTA (Call-To-Action) messages for text, push notifications, and social media interaction, all aimed at igniting profitable exchanges.

The featured artist receives a full-page 300-word editorial feature inside HYPEFRESH Magazine. HYPEFRESH Magazine is one of the premier entertainment and lifestyle media publications. For 7+ years, their brand has been at the epicenter of men’s fashion and lifestyle. HYPEFRESH Magazine is a high-ranking Google News site. HYPEFRESH Magazine is a verified media publication on Muck Rack and a globally recognized mainstream news outlet.

HYPEFRESH is published inside Apple News and maintains a high-ranking SEO channel. Subscribe on Apple News Alexa Ayaz Vision Is Unflinching Going Into 2022 (


Elucid Magazine, a leading entertainment and lifestyle media outlet, dedicates a full-page, 300-word editorial article to the spotlighted artist. This publication has established itself as a paramount force in the fashion and lifestyle sectors over the past three years or more.

As a top-tier news site recognized by Google, Elucid Magazine has solidified its position in the media world. It is an accredited media establishment on Muck Rack and enjoys global recognition as a mainstream news source. The magazine features within Google News and upholds a powerful SEO channel. Google News offers subscription services for Elucid.

Elucid Magazine is a registered Google-ranked media publication.



The featured artist receives a full-page 200-word editorial feature inside Ritz Herald Magazine. Ritz Herald Magazine is one of the premier entertainment and lifestyle media publications. Ritz Herald Magazine is a high-ranking Google News site. Ritz Herald Magazine is a verified media publication on Muck Rack and a globally recognized mainstream news outlet.

The featured artist receives a full-page 200-word editorial feature inside HYPE OFF LIFE MAGAZINE. Hype OFF LIFE Magazine is one of the premier entertainment and lifestyle media publications. HYPE OFF LIFE Magazine has been at the epicenter of the Los Angeles fashion, music, and lifestyle scene

HYPE OFF LIFE Magazine is a high-ranking Google News site. HYPE OFF LIFE MAGAZINE is a verified media publication on Apple News and a globally recognized mainstream news outlet. Read HYPE OFF LIFE MAGAZINE on Apple News

Read the editorial masterpiece featuring Major Recording Artist RE$TBX here: 

The MUSICHYPEBEAST Podcast Community maintains a broadcast network of 20+ podcasts powered by iHeartMedia. The featured artist/entrepreneur receives a 30-minute audio-only interview. Every interview is mixed and mastered via ‘Emastered’ and globally distributed to all major DSPs (Amazon Music, Audible, iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, and more). Each globally distributed podcast creates a URL backlink on Google.

The MUSICHYPEBEAST Podcast Community generated over 156,000 organic streams in 2022. The MUSICHYPEBEAST Podcast Community is distributed via Podcast.Co.

 Drummaboy Fresh

Photo Credit: Drummaboy Fresh

Photo Image: Drummaboy Fresh standing on stage with Major Recording Artist Deroz De’Shon

Welcome to the POWER OF KNOWLEDGE platform designed for authentic fanbase expansion. Over the ensuing four months, you can expect detailed half-hour discussions with an assortment of top-tier radio and broadcast hosts within our network. The following is a timeline of the planned interviews for this campaign over the next quarter.

Week 1- WE BUILT DIFFERENT Podcast Series hosted by Derrick T Lewis.  Schedule your interview here:   

Derrick T Lewis Instagram:   

Week 3- KULTURE BUZZIN Talk Show hosted by Kareesh Forreal. Schedule your interview here:   

Kareesh Forreal Instagram:  

Week 5- BETONYOURSELF Podcast hosted by Zoe RoseGold.  Schedule your interview here:   

Zoe RoseGold Instagram:   

Week 8- 24HIPHOP Podcast Series hosted by Carisha The Diva.  Schedule your interview here:  

Carisha The Diva Instagram:  

Week 10- Ambition Over Fear Podcast Series hosted by Angie Starzz.  Schedule your interview here:  

Angie Starrz Instagram: 

Week 12- RAPLIFE Decoded Podcast Series hosted by DJ WESWILL.  Schedule your interview here:  

DJ WESWILL Instagram:   

Note: Each podcast enjoys worldwide distribution across all major digital service platforms, such as iHeartRadio, Pandora, Audible, Amazon Music, Spotify, iTunes, Audacy, Tunein, and others. This wide-reaching distribution of each podcast episode results in a top-ranking backlink on Google. These high-authority domain backlinks enhance the visibility of the targeted user’s profile.

The featured artist receives a 15-minute music review of their designated track powered by 99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI Curation Team. If the track is approved via 99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI Curation team, the designated track is added to radio rotation for 30 days. The featured artist’s track spins a minimum of 3X per day. 99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI reports to BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, SOCAN, and Sound Exchange. The record must be registered appropriately and encoded for accurate royalty payout. 99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI only broadcasts ‘clean’ and ‘radio edit’ music.

Disclaimer: If the featured artist cancels their campaign with RADIOPUSHERS, the designated track will broadcast until the end of their 30-day cycle. The featured artist receives multiple marketing banners (featuring their image) promoting 99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI.

RADIOPUSHERS offers musicians a half-hour discovery session via Google Meet Video Conference, facilitated by DJ WESWILL. As the Head of Music Programming for 99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI and the SVP of Music Development at RADIOPUSHERS, DJ WESWILL carries a wealth of experience and expertise.  

In this 30-minute interaction, DJ WESWILL explores an artist’s tracks and provides feedback about their market potential, quality, lyrical strength, and broad appeal.  

Additionally, DJ WESWILL designs a one-hour personalized music compilation that blends the artist’s songs with mainstream music. The unique mix is broadcast on a scheduled playlist once every two months. Each artist must provide radio-edited music for iHeartRadio airplay on 99.7 DA HEAT MIAMI. Explicit music is prohibited.  

RADIOPUSHERS provides virtual audio-mentoring to the spotlighted musician through its internal team of A&R specialists. The RADIOPUSHERS’ A&R executives, renowned in the industry, review a single song each month on It is mandatory for every musician to include RADIOPUSHERS as a partner on their highlighted track. Highnote FM provides a platform for users to post digital feedback notes on the artist’s music in a real-time setting. The artist has the opportunity to establish audio voting surveys for A&R involvement. To participate, the artist needs to register an account on

The featured artist receives a customized landing page on RADIOPUSHERS’s official website. Click the link below and checkout an actual artist page.

Click here: 780.Masochist | RADIOPUSHERS

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Navigating the tumultuous waters of the music industry requires every artist to have a sound voice of wisdom and expert direction to safeguard their aspirations and visions at all times. It’s crucial to have precise understanding to survive in the perilous, shark-filled sea that constitutes the music industry.

RADIOPUSHERS delivers monthly virtual developmental coaching, bridging the gap between the artist and our Fanbase Acquisition Managers. Our Fanbase Acquisition Managers carry out two half-hour visual interactions each month with the artist through platforms like Go-To-Meeting or Google Meet. The primary objective of these sessions is to make certain that the artists’ journey is on the right track and that they are held responsible for fulfilling the requirements necessary for advancing to the next stage.

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iHeartRadio Podcast interviews, organic Instagram growth, and access to DREAMHUSTLEWIN University. DREAMHUSTLEWIN University enables artists to receive free 20-minute consultation conference calls with any paid subscription.


Welcome to RADIOPUSHERS. We’re excited to partner with your brand and securing the transaction is ultra important to our organization. After you complete the purchase you will need to E-Sign the Card Authorization form. The Card Authorization form validates the order and protects both parties. Whoever is the owner of the prepaid, debit card or credit card used for this transaction must E-Sign the card authorization form. We understand some artists may have a family member or friend purchase the campaign on their behalf, but the “actual” owner of the card must be AWARE & E-Sign the card authorization form. This process ensures both parties are protected and doing good long-term business. Call us if you have any questions at 310-507-9320. FYI, we accept all cards including GREEN DOT, American Express Serve, NETSPEND, Walmart Prepaid, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Google Pay, Apple Pay & Vanilla Visa. All prepaid cards are accepted.