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$500.00 / month



The INSTAGRAM TAKEOFF Campaign is a $500.00 monthly “automatic” recurring charge to your debit or credit card. The charge of $500.00 will be on the same day as the purchase each month. The campaign is cancellable seven days before the due date. This is a month-to-month service agreement and not a contract. Please review and e-sign the card authorization agreement here.


RADIOPUSHERS staff analyzes the designated artist’s Instagram followers. RADIOPUSHERS identifies the best followers who have the highest potential for engagement.  

RADIOPUSHERS staff engages with a minimum of 300 new targeted Instagram followers monthly. RADIOPUSHERS’s staff interacts with specific users posting on high-traffic hashtags. We carefully analyze each IG user to ensure their active and legit profile matches the artist’s demographic preference. Our team likes, comments, and watches stories naturally to optimize engagement.  

Every engaged user is active, human, and matches the artist’s likeness. For example, a Hip-Hop artist desires to interact with college students, Hip-Hop music lovers, people who are into fashion, technology, and avid social media users. 

What is required of the artist?  Every artist ‘MUST’ engages their ‘EXISTING’ followers to fundamentally GROW a real human fanbase. RADIOPUSHERS creates ‘short high responsive’ messages which spark instant engagement. Every artist aims to engage with their existing followers every 30 days. Maintaining relationships is critical to monetizing retail, digital music, and exclusive content.  

Every artist must commit a minimum of 15 hours per week to ensure growth optimization. RADIOPUSHERS provides an online IG portal that contains a minimum of 500 IG followers monthly. Engaging with actual humans on a daily basis delivers priceless interaction and increases monetization bandwidth. 


The use of artificial intelligence is fast spreading in the digital marketing industry including social media where Instagram belongs. Businesses, social media influencers, and content creators are looking for ways to automate tasks, boost productivity and make better decisions. AI can help with all of these things, and it’s no surprise that its use is on the rise in the marketing world.

One area where AI is being used more and more is in social media marketing, specifically with Instagram. There are a number of ways that AI can be used to improve your Instagram strategy, from helping you to find the best hashtags to use to providing insights into what content is performing well.

RADIOPUSHERS social media growth and engagement team leverages the power of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ to organically increase artists/entrepreneurs Instagram followers.  RADIOPUSHERS social media team performs the following strategies to expand the artist Instagram audience.

For the past year, RADIOPUSHERS has constructed an in-house system of Instagram influencers and a custom AI targeting algorithm. We employ that technique to secure organic users who are targeted, captivated, and involved with your brand.

Our comprehensive platform enables us to determine the most influential users on Instagram, so we can direct your content toward them. And our AI targeting system certifies that your words are seen by those who are keen on hearing what you have to say.

We are convinced that this is the optimal approach to target organic users on Instagram. And it’s why we have an esteemed presence amongst the most successful social media marketing agencies globally.

RADIOPUSHERS A.I. research and development team increases an artist/entrepreneur’s Instagram account by a minimum of 400 followers per month. The maximum growth capacity projected by our software is 1,000 within 30 days.

RADIOPUSHERS does not need the Instagram password from the designated artist/entrepreneur account. Our A.I. platform has multiple filtering options, which creates a customized growth experience. Our A.I. technology maintains the capability to find followers based upon:

  • Gender 
  • Number of likes per post 
  • Business or Personal  
  • Multiple countries 
  • Similar IG accounts (Our software analyzes users from specific accounts that match your interests.  Example, if you are a female MC, we can scan IAMCARDIB’s account.) 
  • Premium Hashtags 

RADIOPUSHERS does not need your Instagram login and password information to start the Artificial Intelligence targeted growth process. RADIOPUSHERS requires an artist’s Instagram login and password if they choose the manual engagement feature. In order to engage with people manually from an artist account, login access is required. Manual interaction is a premium feature that leverages human-targeted growth and engagement. RADIOPUSHERS will never post, reply to direct messages, or re-engage with Instagram users. RADIOPUSHERS’s manual growth process triggers interaction from a curated list of highly active Instagram users. 




Instagram’s post reach metric indicates the number of people who see your content in their feed. The algorithm that decides what users see in their feed is based on several factors, including the user’s relationship to the person who posted the content, the type of content, and how much engagement the post has. 

One of the primary reasons post reach matters is that it directly impacts engagement with your posts. If more people see your posts, they’ll likely get more engagements like likes, comments, and shares. And if your posts are getting more engagements, they’re more likely to be seen by even more people. So post reach can have a compounding effect on the success of your content. 

Users on the Instagram Takeover platform average an increase in post reach between 1500 to 2500 people per post at minimum.   




Every featured post receives organic likes, saves, shares, and comments. In addition to increasing the visibility of the post on Instagram, organic engagement enables it to be shared with a wider audience. All Instagram traffic is generated from real Instagram users, including verified profiles that display the blue verification badge.


In a month, only 18 posts can be tracked by RADIOPUSHERS. 

All sales are final upon purchase