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$600.00 / month

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The featured artist receives the following digital services every 30 Days

The PUSHSTART Campaign includes 2,000 DRT (Digital Radio Tracker) radio spins every 30 days. The featured artist track airs on “5” different DRT tracked radio stations. Digital Radio Tracker ( is the second most important airplay tracking/charting system next to Billboard. DRT tracks and monitors 5,000+ radio stations globally including satellite, FM, BDS, college, internet and Christian.

The PUSH START Platform includes daily targeted Instagram post engagement. The featured artist can post 5X per week on their main Instagram page. The RADIOPUSHERS Social Media Platform delivers “time sensitive” engagement traffic via Instagram Explore, premium traffic hashtags, and the RADIOPUSHERS #POWERCIRCLE community.

The Instagram targeted traffic is designed to increase the “REACH” of each main feed post. The “REACH” component of Instagram’s algorithm is a crucial factor during the growth cycle. Reach is the total number of unique profiles that have seen your Instagram post or story. For individual posts, this information can be found on the “View Insights” button under the post.

The PUSH-START campaign includes the AUTO-PILOT Engagement Platform. The AUTO-PILOT Engagement Platform performs the following “HUMAN” daily actions:

The RADIOPUSHERS Staff analyzes & filter high active premium users on the designated IG profile. This process enables our team to remove excessive “user-fat” and target the “filet mignon” (THE BEST IG USERS FOLLOWING YOU) people for optimal engagement. RADIOPUSHERS emails a spreadsheet containing the REAL HUMAN IG profiles designated for targeted engagement.

RADIOPUSHERS social media team creates & distributes customized engagement messages to initiate conversations directly to the followers of the designated Instagram account. A real human IG user from RADIOPUSHERS Community likes, comments, and sends customized direct messages promoting digital products/services of the featured Instagram user. The staff of RADIOPUSHERS expands YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Live Events, and Instagram posts of the featured artist. Welcome to the “Human Instagram Ad” premium platform. 

Conversation traffic is the “key” ingredient to explode engagement rate percentages, likes, comments, and shares. Our team connects with a minimum of 250 people of the targeted user following per week. Most artists connect with less than 1% of their Instagram following regularly. The goal is to have a minimum of 10% of an artist total following engaging their post consistently. This level of engagement is designated for artists seeking to build a robust and viable fanbase to secure “major” brand endorsements. 

The staff of RADIOPUSHERS watches a minimum of 100 targeted stories of “hand-picked” Instagram users who follow & interact with music branded accounts. Our professional music executives send targeted messages, comments, and engage in real conversations, increasing follow-backs, and future engagements. 

Our team creates super cool out-of-the-box Instagram branding and marketing strategies catered towards the Instagram Live feature. The featured artist implements these branding techniques for maximum exposure and engagement.

The goal and expectation are to increase genuine comments and likes by 20% minimum within 30 days. The foundation of this campaign is grounded in real human engagement, which builds “brand recognition.”

The featured artist is required to respond to all direct message conversations from their online followers. The PUSH START campaign operates manually and does not use any automated “SOFTWARE” to perform Instagram actions. The featured artist securely submits their Instagram login credentials to RADIOPUSHERS to initiate engagement. We never post, alter, or perform any actions on the designated Instagram profile outside of the scope of duties. 

The featured artist receives access to the #POWERCIRCLE Engagement Community powered by 1000+ Music Millennials and executives. The #POWERCIRCLE platform enables Music Millennials to interact with thousands of real human music-focused individuals freely.

The #POWERCIRCLE Engagement Community is the #1 organic growth platform for Music Millennials. The #POWERCIRCLE Engagement Community is available to active community members only.

The average artist acquires a minimum of 500 new Instagram followers every 30 days.

MUSICHYPEBEAST targets thousands of real . listeners within a 30 day period. The geo-targeted audience includes Canada and the United States. The featured artist can request listeners from Italy, France, Germany, and United Kingdom. The source of streams reflect on the Artist Profile Catalog and MUSICHYPEBEAST Playlists. The featured artist receives a minimum of 15,000 verified streams eligible for 100% royalty payout.

The featured artist receives Apple Music listeners during the 30-Day Cycle. The Apple Music streaming traffic originates from multiple countries including United States, Canada, Germany, and United Kingdom. The featured artist must be enrolled into Apple Music for Artists Program to track all music monetization activity.

The minimum amount of Apple Music listeners are 5,000 per 30 days. RADIOPUSHERS consistently delivers Apple Music marketing until the designated track reaches the threshold.

Every independent musician must cultivate an Apple Music audience in order to maximize the second largest music streaming service globally. Apple Music maintains a minimum of 42,000,000 paid members.

The RADIOPUSHERS App is available in 200+ countries and available in multiple languages.  The RADIOPUSHERS App offers numerous interactive features and online shopping options. Below are some of the dynamic multi interactive digital features

    • Stream live TV via Amazon Fire & ROKU
  • Stream satellite radio stations
  • Live chat in real time with members of the mobile app
  • Shop digital products 
  • Watch TV On-Demand
  • Access live event information

App Store Download Link: Click Here
Google Play Download Link: Click Here

The featured artist receives a 15 minute pre-recorded phone interview on the #BETONYOURSELF Podcast powered by , ITunes, Google Podcasts, TUNEIN, and Stitcher. The #BETONYOURSELF Podcast is an ultra dynamic broadcast platform which focuses on the journey, pain, passion, and triumph of the Independent artist.

“STREAM the dopest viral content on da planet powered by Amazon Fire TV and ROKU”. RADIOPUSHERS TV the #1 Millennial Music & TV Network!



Welcome to RADIOPUSHERS. We’re excited to partner with your brand and securing the transaction is ultra important to our organization. After you complete the purchase you will need to E-Sign the Card Authorization form. The Card Authorization form validates the order and protects both parties. Whoever is the owner of the prepaid, debit card or credit card used for this transaction must E-Sign the card authorization form.

We understand some artists may have a family member or friend purchase the campaign on their behalf, but the “actual” owner of the card must be AWARE & E-Sign the card authorization form.

This process ensures both parties are protected and doing good long-term business. Call us if you have any questions at 310-507-9320.

FYI, we accept all cards including GREEN DOT, American Express Serve, NETSPEND, Walmart Prepaid, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Google Pay, Apple Pay & Vanilla Visa. All prepaid cards are accepted.