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RADIOPUSHERS/MUSICHYPEBEAST maintains 16 digital radio stations tracked by DRT (, also known as DRT, is your leading global broadcast monitoring source that tracks radio airplay of songs in the US and worldwide on more than 5000+ radio stations. has customized a technology that monitors radio airplay detections of songs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year without any special encoding or fingerprinting required. Our database logs every song that is played on all the radio stations monitors. Our monitored radio stations include an array of Major FM Terrestrial, College, Commercial and Non-Commercial as well as thousands of streaming Internet radio stations. then compiles the data and produces a DRT Report which allows anyone to receive airplay detection information about a song.

Why choose a DRT Report?
DRT Reports are an invaluable source of information. Managers and artists alike can use the information to book shows, set-up interviews or promote their current airplay story to other programmers in an effort to secure even more radio airplay! has chosen to monitor the smallest of Internet radio broadcasters allowing them to have a voice while offering a more complete radio airplay picture to our clients. Unlike many other airplay tracking companies, DRT’s goal is to provide our clients with powerful airplay information at an affordable rate. Armed with this knowledge our clients can use this priceless tool to assist them in building an even bigger brand!

Who uses DRT Reports? is used by artist and artist-managers, record labels, radio marketing companies, concert tour promoters, booking agents, publishing companies, music supervisors, radio networks, A&R’s, talent scouts, radio station programmers, DJ’s, radio pluggers, advertising agencies, publicists, entertainment attorneys, music related companies and many more!

RADIOPUSHERS averages a minimum of 15 artists charting nationally with Digital Radio Tracker.

CURRENT DRT TRACKED/MONITORED STATIONS : Click Here : Click Here : Click Here : Click Here : Click Here : Click Here : Click Here : Click Here : Click Here : Click Here : Click Here : Click Here : Click Here : Click Here : Click Here

RADIOPUSHERS/MUSICHYPEBEAST provides “PREMIUM” listeners for upper echelon major recording artists.  Creating a real listening audience is THE MOST IMPORTANT component of your music catalog. Artists can purchase “premium” streams in denominations of

  • 1,000 Streams
  • 5,000 Streams
  • 10,000 Streams
  • 20,000 Streams
  • 50,000 Streams
  • 100,000 Streams
  • 250,000 Streams
  • 500,000 Streams
  • 1,000,000 (million) Streams

Listen to the Premium Overview Campaign

Purchase targeted listeners : Click Here Most artists purchase streams from playlists and random companies promising “real listeners” and high-quality streams. The major problem with these types of services is all your streams will come from casual listeners who can’t save your music to their library, create a playlist, or keep the track on “REPEAT.”  Also, have ZERO interest in your music, because they are not a targeted listener.

algorithm (a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.) to rank artists based upon their music streaming performance. algorithm tracks high-performance songs within a set window of time. prioritizes relevant tracks in their search engine optimization process. If the designated track has a high number of “PAID”/” PREMIUM” users streaming daily, algorithm can potentially add the track to their playlists.

Independent artists with a high percentage of “PREMIUM” users have a high ratio of “REAL PEOPLE” streaming their music, increase their listening audience opportunities. Think of it this way, if someone paying $9.99 streams your music, what’s the chance they will save it to their library and ‘” follow” your movement? If most of your listeners are “FREE,” you will never build a REAL listening audience, and algorithm won’t acknowledge the track in their performance metrics.

is the “KING” of music curation and “SUGGESTING” the BEST music for its consumers. If all your listeners are FREE, then your music will not receive music suggestions from

Most importantly, premium listeners stream your music from the artists “profile” page on . Which means they searched and played the track on your actual page. tracks all “SOURCES OF STREAMS” inside the FOR ARTIST APP.

FYI, record labels, A&R’s, and high-powered music executives are hipped to the game of artist’s “BUYING” streams. So, it is super IMPORTANT that you generate REAL MUSIC STREAMS FROM “PAID/PREMIUM” USERS. Music executives NEED TO KNOW YOUR MUSIC IS MARKETABLE TO MASS AUDIENCES.

Digital streams make up 80% of the music sales as of 2019! This is the new FUTURE, so let’s gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

Welcome to the #NEWLEVEL of MUSIC streaming power!


The staff of RADIOPUSHERS creates interactive media streaming Electronic Press Kit’s. The Electronic Press Kit’s are updated every 30 days via the RADIOPUSHERS staff. The Electronic Press Kit is available in two different platforms, including PDF and HTML. The Electronic Press Kit includes an original biography prepared and written by the RADIOPUSHERS staff. The biography consists of a music review, current music statistics, social media relevance, and existing lifestyle brand

R.Lyn EPK: Click Here

J.Chosen EPK: Click Here

RADIOPUSHERS TV is the #1 Millennial Music & TV Network. RADIOPUSHERS TV online website receives over 250,000 unique visitors monthly. Website visitors can stream live television, watch TV on demand, listen to multiple interactive digital radio stations, live chat via Social Media with thousands of indie artists, purchase digital monetization branding campaigns, and more. RADIOPUSHERS TV website maintains robust Alexa data statistics. Checkout the RADIOPUSHERS TV stats online @ Click Here

RADIOPUSHERS TV is available via Amazon Fire TV & ROKU on a 24/7 streaming network. 

RADIOPUSHERS TV is available in 50,000,000 (Million)+ households.  RADIOPUSHERS Tv is available via Alexa voice

RADIOPUSHERS enables “Network Partners” to monetize their viral content via scheduled TV broadcasts.  Watch RADIOPUSHERS TV online @ Click Here


Download RADIOPUSHERS TV via ROKU @ Click Here

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“STREAM the dopest viral content on da planet powered by Amazon Fire TV and ROKU”. RADIOPUSHERS TV the #1 Millennial Music & TV Network!



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The RADIOPUSHERS App is available in 200+ countries and available in multiple languages.  The RADIOPUSHERS App offers numerous interactive features and online shopping options. Below are some of the dynamic multi interactive digital features

  • Stream live TV via Amazon Fire & ROKU
  • Stream satellite radio stations
  • Live chat in real time with members of the mobile app
  • Shop digital products 
  • Watch TV On-Demand
  • Access live event information

MUSICHYPEBEAST is a high energy interactive multi-media platform for ultra-DOPE music millennials. MUSICHYPEBEAST team of curators create “push-start” Playlists for music enthusiasts. MUSICHYPEBEAST engineers’ playlists with a “no-skip” track functionality system.  

MUSICHYPEBEAST offers playlist streams from listeners in multiple countries. MUSICHYPEBEAST enables artists to geo-target their streaming audience. MUSICHYEPBEAST provides listeners from the following countries 





The RNH (RESULTSANDNOHYPE) MAGAZINE represents the new age rebel millennials in the world of music, art, film, photography, sports, and creative design. Our journalistic approach enables our readers to see a panoramic view of their message. The RNH MAG’s chief focus is to highlight the entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers of our generation who are creating a better tomorrow. The content within our online community is provocative, sexy, outside-of-the-box, and visionary.


Watch how to interact with the RNH Magazine here Click Here 

RNH Magazine enables readers to stream integrated YouTube videos, click & engage social media links, direct message options to advertisers, personalized “SHOP NOW” hot button, & pop-up display ad page which showcases featured vendor products/services.  RNH Magazine is 100% interactive & HTML 5 compatible for all mobile & desktop devices. RNH Magazine digital editions command an average of 50,000 mobile readers (Verified via Google Analytics).

RNH Magazine enables vendors/advertisers to optimize their products/services online with a global audience. 

Listen to the YOLO Campaign here: Click Here

YOLO! You only live once! Your life story is just like a movie & it’s essential for the world to understand everything about your struggle, pain, process, rage, courage, & most importantly the music.

Our team of writers performs the following action items to create an intimate & personal biography of your artistic journey.

Our team of writers listens to your music. This process enables our team to gain an accurate understanding of your musical message.

Our team of writers conducts a brief interview to gather critical facts regarding your life. These facts enable our team to paint a vivid picture of your journey in full detail.

Our team of writers transcribes the biography into an audio file. The audio file is a professional voiceover detailing the biography in words. This feature enables people to stream your bio via audio. The audio file is distributed to , Itunes, & Tunein for global visibility. The featured artist receives a copy of the master Mp3 file.

The featured artist receives an Interactive personalized website page in the “YOLO” section of RADIOPUSHERS. The customized page includes the following multimedia interactive features

Apple Music Streaming Player featuring the artist music catalog

Music Streaming Player featuring the artist music catalog

YouTube Video Streaming Player featuring the artist music catalog

A real-time live-chat widget featuring the artist Instagram page

High-resolution artist banner

HTML Video Streaming Player with a preset viral playlist

Kaitlyn Gold: The Rise of a Millennial Musical Goddess

Kaitlyn Gold possesses a rare ability to convert raw pain into beautiful expressions of love, passion, & fearless rage-powered by music. Kaitlyn Gold’s music provides a blueprint for both men & women seeking redemption, direction, & faith. When her latest track “DRIFT AWAY” comes through blaring through your headphones, the high energy track vibrates your soul & recharges the inner warrior in all of us! The lead single “DRIFT AWAY” is a classic example of how Kaitlyn Gold transforms pain into inspiration in a single moment. The digital music catalog of Kaitlyn Gold is an emotional & therapeutic soundtrack for all dreamers & believers pursuing a better tomorrow. “Disappear Here” is another faith-based record which invigorates creates a beautiful vision of loss, pain, & new direction towards life.

People naturally gravitate to Kaitlyn Gold when she enters a room, her inner strength is so mesmerizing and leaves onlookers transfixed on her visual image. Consumers, fans, & her online community feel so uniquely connected to the journey of Kaitlyn Gold. Even the music production & beat selection feels like an angelic arrangement. The music of Kaitlyn Gold has the immediate attention of Los Angeles, California and her hometown are all onboard! The brand of Kaitlyn Gold includes music, film, merchandising, non-profit initiatives & more. Kaitlyn Gold is an entrepreneur, humanitarian, visionary, & Millennial Musical Goddess. The story of Kaitlyn Gold will forever evolve & inspire future Millennial Music innovators.

Listen to the ACCESS GRANTED CAMPAIGN Overview Click Here

RADIOPUSHERS provides Human Curated Instagram Profiles based upon the desired targeted audience. For example, if you are an Indie West Coast Hip-Hop artist, our system will geo-target Instagram users who listen, like, and engage with Hip-Hop music enthusiasts (People who love rap music). RADIOPUSHERS social media targeting system handpicks high active Instagram users who have the highest possibility of following and engaging artist’s profile posts. RADIOPUSHERS’s exclusive system is powered by “Human Intelligence” called “HUMATION.”

The staff of RADIOPUSHERS analyzes hundreds of Instagram users to ensure the highest level of premium engagement and compatibility. Every artist desire to create an organic and high active Instagram online community. Accessing curated premium Instagram users increases and strengthens any artist’s ability to retain and expand their online community.

Buying “Sponsored Ads” limits the organic “targeted” reach of an artist’s marketing efforts. RADIOPUSHERS exclusive social media system delivers the people directly to your inbox for optimal performance. RADIOPUSHERS social media system engages each targeted user before we distribute the selected users. This process enables the pre-selected Instagram users to become familiar with our social media engagement network. Welcome to the #NEWLEVEL of human social engagement.

RADIOPUSHERS creates dynamic and game-changing visual graphics for Millennial Musicians. All artwork is delivered in JPEG format and sized for Digital Distribution. RADIOPUSHERS Group provides a maximum of “2” cover art revisions.

Listen to the Apple Music Video Distribution powered by MUSICHYPEBEAST/EMPIRE @ Click Here

The NO-CAP Apple Music Video Distribution Campaign is sponsored by Multi-Platinum & Grammy Nominated Producer King James Worthy. C/O his Apple Music video LUV & High Levels @ Here

Connect & Stream Luv & High Levels by James Worthy on Apple Music @ Click Here

The featured artist receives full viral music distribution to Apple Music Streaming Platform & ITunes.

The featured artist viral video is compressed and re-formatted to Apple Music & ITunes specifications.

The featured artist viral video retails for $1.99 globally in the ITunes store.

The featured viral video is available inside the RADIOPUSHERS TV online store. Online visitors can preview the visual and purchase simultaneously.

The featured viral video is marketed & branded to 1,000 real human Millennial artists via Instagram Group message. The real human engagement platform of MUSICHYPEBEAST optimizes the visibility & real-time feedback of the featured visual.

The featured viral video is marketed & branded via email to 3,000 active Millennial users within the MUSICHYPEBEAST community.

The featured viral video airs on RADIOPUSHERS TV Amazon Fire & ROKU Streaming Network Channel. The viral video airs during a premium airtime slot 3X per week.

MUSICHYPEBEAST maintains multiple /ITunes Podcasts for entrepreneurs/musicians. 

BETONYOURSELF Podcast: Click Here



MUSICHYPEBEAST provides digital & viral distribution on all major streaming platforms.  The outlets include JPAY/GTL (UNITED STATES PRISON SYSTEM), , TIDAL, Apple Music, Rhapsody, Deezer, Amazon, iTunes, IHeart Radio Google Play, Pandora, & more. 

Digital distribution for “1” Mp3 track fully published on all sites within 7 days from submission. MUSICHYPEBEAST/EMPIRE provide tracking & revenue performance reports within 90 days. The video distribution includes VEVO and TIDAL.



C/O our latest Alexa Ranking: Click here

YouTube is the most dominant video-on-demand platform in the world. Over half the world’s internet users access YouTube every day in search of cool, dope, and ultra-interactive visual content. Most independent artists “buy” views, likes, and comments in hopes of boosting their viral impact on YouTube. This process “kills” branding content, search engine optimization, and viral presentation because the engagement is not REAL.

The focus of our YouTube engagement involves increasing the “TIME WATCHED” of the designated artist YouTube video. YouTube modified its monetization policy in 2018 and requires channel owners to maintain a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4000 hours of “time watched.” Every YouTube Channel owner needs to have “real people” watching their content for long durations of time for optimal engagement. Any artist buying “QUICK VIEWS” with low watch time will expose themselves to potential YouTube bans and “ZERO” involvement.

The YouTube Access Granted Platform enables music millennials to receive comments, shares, and likes from ONLY REAL HUMAN MUSICIANS. RADIOPUSHERS distributes the “designated” video to a minimum of 350 artists for engagement via comments, shares, and likes. In exchange for their engagement, YOU MUST COMMENT ON THEIR VIDEO.

The YouTube Access Granted Platform delivers a video viewership range between 10,000 to 20,000 within a 30-day window. The key to this platform is the artist receiving REAL HUMAN FEEDBACK for transparent growth and marketing expansion.

RADIOPUSHERS TV promotes the video on their Instagram profile for additional marketing exposure and monetization opportunities. The video is marketed via an email blast to a minimum of 5,000 direct contacts within RADIOPUSHERS community.

VIRAL DOPE YouTube Playlist powered by RADIOPUSHERS TV.  The average artist receives a minimum of 1,000 organic YouTube viewers from the playlist. C/O the playlist here

Apple Music is the 2nd largest digital music streaming platform. Apple Music comes pre-installed on every iPhone and most Millennials prefer Apple over Android. Apple Music’s popularity skyrocketed in 2019 and reached 60,000,000 active subscribers. Apple Music boasts over 45,000,000 paid subscribers in 2019.
Every Indie Artist must diversify its streaming listening audience. You can no longer purchase thousands of Spotify plays from random playlists, and companies increase streaming numbers overnight and make people believe that all your traffic comes from the “1” platform.

Apple Music enables subscribers to create social media profiles, which allows them to follow real people. Apple Music allows subscribers to see what type of music other subscribers stream.

Apple Music analytical tools enable Indie artists to target specific people to increase their music profile followers.

Spotify does not offer this feature. Advantage: APPLE.