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We’re excited to be in partnership with your brand and looking forward to building a long-term relationship. Below are a few reminders to ensure your campaign goes smoothly.

Please add your Press Release article inside your Instagram bio line. Have fans, followers, and dedicated supporters leave a comment on the page supporting your project. Comments reflect ‘your’ followers are supporting your movement. Here is the link to your Press Release

Your Press Release page includes your radio station, air-times, social media links, and more. It’s CRITICAL that you review this page and have people REQUEST YOUR MUSIC. We want to see demand from your followers. People can request your music directly on the Press Release page.

Please make sure you schedule your 10- minute Zoom interview with one of our dynamic hosts. Schedule here 

Please schedule your Welcome Call with ‘The Millennial General’ this week, so we can ensure your campaign is rolling smooth.  Schedule here

Please make sure you have accepted the invite and registered as a guest user.

Follow “RESULTSANDNOHYPE” Magazine on Google News.  Your press release is featured on a global platform amongst millions of readers.  Congrats! C/O your Google News

Make sure you follow us on YouTube, and we’ll follow back (Follow for a follow)

Follow the accounts below and we’ll follow back today!!!

Make sure you download the RADIOPUSHERS App, rate it five stars, and write an honest review of our company

Don’t hesitate to call or text a member of our team if you have any questions. A member of our HUMATION team will contact you regarding ensuring you’re able to access your dedicated board.

The Millennial General (CVO)- 310-507-9320 Email: [email protected]

Patience Jay (SVP of Digital Communications & Partnerships)- 310-971-9656 Email: [email protected]

Zack Morris (President of Digital Corporate Operations)- 310-504-3546 (Text & Email Only [email protected] )

Below are links to E-Learning classes provided by DREAMHUSTLEWIN University.  Every two weeks, you’re required to book a one-on-one call with a member of our executive team.  Always text a screenshot confirmation to 310-507-9320.
Listed below are premium Instagram hashtags and Instagram posting engagement strategies. Per the rule, use a minimum of 15 hashtags per post and a maximum of 33. Premium hashtags drive Instagram Algorithm. Leveraging premium hashtags on every post increases the ‘reach’ and ‘impression’ levels.

Always use #resultsandnohype #radiopushers #betonyourself #dreamhustlewin on every post.

We recommend posting a minimum of ‘five’ stories weekly. The purpose of posting stories is to give people a snapshot or a glance of your thoughts or mindset. Choose multiple ‘life’ categories to highlight daily. For example, on Mondays, you can post something ‘motivational.’ On Tuesdays’ you may post something from the news that people should know. Example article from RNH Magazine

Only use your main feed to post up the highest quality content. Because ‘YOU” need your post to receive tons of comments and shares ‘ORGANICALLY.’ Think of your main feed as an ‘ART GALLERY.’ You only want to post the most valuable ‘ART’ for people to ‘BUY’!

The engagement is critical. Make sure you ‘tag’ the maximum amount of people per pic and video. Tag people, you follow and engage with you on a routine basis. For example, you do not tag people you never engage (For example, you would not tag NIKE because they do not engage with you. Unless the tag is strategic). Below are a few (48) high active IG profiles you need to follow and engage daily for MAXIMUM engagement. Zack will update your board with new people once you complete each phase. Remember, posting to your main page is a REAL JOB. So, take it seriously because you are ‘advertising your brand’ to the WORLD.

Artist Name Username
Patience Jay @officialpatiencejay
Skool Da Goon @skooldagoon
Jopaul @iamjopaul
Big Head Bandz @bigheadbandz
J Thuro @jthuromusic
Tanyette @tancoymusic
Zoe Rose Gold @officialzoeenyc
Mikey Badass @officialmikeybadass
The Millennial General @themillennialgeneral
Wine @therealwine
Freddy Rugga @therealfreddyrugga
Diamonique Jackson @diamoniquejackson
Power 105.1 Live @105.1live
Tom Blvck @tomblvckavelli
D Maejor @dmaejor
DJ Jump Off @therealdjjumpoff
Princess Wonda @officialprincesswonda
Jasmine Ortiz @iamjasmineortiz
Kareesh Forreal @kareeshforreal
DJ Sylk @djsylk
Scotty Mac @mrmac040
Rich Pesos @richpesosmusic
jibba The Gent @jibbathegent
xay way @xayway3
Power 104.9 WTSX @power104.9wtsx
Davey Star @realdaveystar
Laghe @laghemusic
Cognac & Roses @cognacandroses
That Boi Z @thatboizofficial
Stevie Young @iamstevieyoung
Ginger Bunnz @therealgingerbunnz
Ik.Tea @ik.tea
Dj Waffles @dj_waffles
James Worthy @kingjamesworthy
Jahn Don @jahndonperignon
Jay Bang @jaybangthegreat
Fabiola @ibeenfab
Calvenj @calvenj
Derrick T. Lewis @therealdtlew
Defonix @defonix
Houseoffresh @houseoffreshatl
Nicole Maire VP @nicolemaire_vp
Carishathediva @carishathediva
Washy @washyxxc
Rimanist @yourkeeper09
Wild Tuna @wildtuna
Iamdagoatofficial @iamdagoatofficial
The Monet Schultz @themonetschultz
Artist Name Leon @artistnameleon
Sean Andre @iamseanandre
Bully @iiambully
Rich Soul @iiambully
Samantha Brookes @iamsamanthabrookes
R. Lyn @rlynmusic
Tanyette @tancoymusic
Drumma Boy Fresh @drummaboyfresh
David Lrdg @davidlrdg
Kso klindon @kso_klindon
Loe Vurses @loe_vurses
DJ Greenguy @djgreenguy
Tarxan @iam_tarxan
Emee @emeemusic
Ashaea6 @ashaea6
Patrick Byas @patrickbyas
Solomon @kingsolomongray
Rnh Magazine @rnhmagazine
Radiopushers @radiopushers
Radiopushers Tv @radiopusherstv
Carisha The Diva @livewithcarishathediva
Zoe Rosegold @officialzoeenyc
LC Da Beast @lcthabeast26
Majestic Soundz @majestic_soundz
Slim Vezzy @slim_vezzy
Icon Clothing @onlyiconclothing
Vs Davis Photography @vsdavisphotography
Noez Infinity @noezinfinity
Dj Epps @djepps
Carolina Jae @carolinajae1k
Pdg Mello @pdgmello
Da Goat @iamdagotofficial
Dre Banks @iamdrebanks
Don Chief @donchiefegb
Sirm Records @sirmrecords
Ty Flow @tyflowmusic
Tagh @tagh6700
Drums Squad Djs @drumsquaddjs
Digital Radio Tracker @digitalradiotracker
Jumgent @jumgent
Junya Boy Dallas @junyaboydallas
July Dreaming @iamjulydreaming
Mega Ace @whoismegaace
Washy @washyxxc
Crystal Sierra @crystalsierra01
Cyph360 @cyph360
Cutie Girl Kayla @cutiegirlkayla
Kade Fresco @kadefresco
Crystalla Lucci @crystallalucci
K. Credle @iamcredle
Crsi Cray @officialcriscray
Moon Sky @moonskyofficial
B. Morgan @iambmorgan
Voyou Official @voyouofficial
Voli Contra @volicontra
Gmg Antt @gmg_antt
Venus Roser @venusrose
Kyng Nemesys @iamnemesys
Stunt @iamstuntrnbay
The Ryan Show @theryanshow
Saaav @saaav_3
Saj The Artist @sajtheartist
Woodlawn J @woodlawnj
Post no more than 3X per week on your main feed.  Anticipation will build and people will crave for your content. Post a maximum of 12x per month.

The key is getting people to comment and share your content.

We’re sending you a minimum of 200 real humans per month for interactive networking. These people are curated and customized for your profile. This is a very labor intensive and expensive platform.

However, we want you to have real human organic growth. So, watch their stories, chat with them and build a solid flow of conversation.

If 100 people follow you back, with an average following 2,000 people, then you’ve increased your reach ‘potential’ by 200,000 people!

Zack will send you a invite via email. Click the link to ACCEPT and create a GUEST account only. Just a GUEST account. A member from our ‘HUMATION’ onboarding team will contact you within 48 hours to ensure 100% activation.

We’re honored to have you on the team and let’s fly!!!!

  • #ceoshit
  • #ceo
  • #inspire
  • #betonyourself
  • #musichypebeast
  • #trusttheprocess
  • #trustdaprocess
  • #motivateyourself
  • #dreamchaser
  • #dreambig
  • #inspireyourself
  • #millionairemindset
  • #recordingartist
  • #spotifyforartists
  • #powermoves
  • #audiomack
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  • #striveforgreatness
  • #entrepreneur
  • #unsignedhype
  • #unsignedtalent
  • #resultsandnohype
  • #radiopushers
  • #victorylap
  • #themarathoncontinues
  • #allmoneyin
  • #allgasandnobrakes
  • #builtforthis
  • #bornready
  • #godsplan
  • #dreamhustlewin
  • #consistencyiskey
  • #tupac
  • #greatness
  • #wordisbond
  • #femaleboss
  • #womenceo
  • #ceomindset
  • #warready
  • #gohardorgohome
  • #cantstopwontstop
  • #explorepage
  • #selfmade
  • #newmusic
  • #nevergiveup
  • #neverstopexploring
  • #keepgrinding
  • #2020vision
  • #2020
  • #bigdog
  • #godisgreat
  • #mystory
  • #faithoverfear
  • #blueprint
  • #blackgirlmagic
  • #selfworth
  • #youareenough
  • #womenempowerment
  • #womeninbusiness
  • #womensupportingwomen
  • #womenpower
  • #mogul
  • #hustlequotes
  • #hustlehard
  • #hustleharder
  • #hustlers
  • #stayhome
  • #socialdistancing
  • #newmusicmonday
  • #newmusicdaily
  • #hotnewhiphop
  • #hiphopdx
  • #hiphopnation
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  • #soundcloud
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  • #hiphoplife
  • #hiphopculture
  • #hiphopblog
  • #podcasts
  • #podcastlife
  • #newrappers
  • #unsignedheat
  • #strongertogether
  • #startedfromthebottom
  • #levelup
  • #legend
  • #noturningback
  • #believeinyourself
  • #believer
  • #keepmoving
  • #keepmovingforward
  • #keepgoing
  • #keepitreal
  • #keepsupporting
  • #keepsmiling
  • #nevergiveup
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  • #2021
  • #2021goals
  • #builtnotbought
  • #staygrinding


There is nothing more important than accessing, interacting, and networking with real people. The core mission of radiopushers is to ensure you build a real organic following.


Do you have the monday app downloaded to your phone and desktop computer? (the reason for this is because they both have different functionalities and the artist may prefer one over the other)


Do you understand how to login and access your assigned boards?


Are you leaving notes on each person on your monday board? (this is important because every artist needs to know which users are active, responsive, and willing to network with them. Leaving notes is crucial.)


Are you following the engagement steps below for each person on their monday board.

Watching the instagram stories of each profile on their assigned monday board and leave emoji comments.

Every artist must “@’ the user and say “@jthuromusic just watched some of your stories fam. Dope work. Check your dm & let’s connect!

If the person doesn’t have any recent ig stories, then comment on their last 2 posts. You need to ‘@” the person and leave honest comments on ‘2’ of their posts.


Then send a dm. See the sample dm below (you can create your message as well, but it needs to maintain the same context).

“Fam, I love what you got going on. Let’s connect & follow each other on all platforms. Send me your youtube, twitter, tiktok, facebook, spotify, and apple music profile links. I’ll follow you and return the love fam. I’m all about building my following with real and active dream chasers!”

The purpose of daily engagement is to create a flow of consistent conversations and determine how people feel about your content. Every artist “Must’ be obsessed with creating a human network of people.

The goal is to engage with 10,000 people per year and retain at minimum 70%. Adding 7,000 people per year to an artist database will spark a real human movement. The late great rapper nipsey hussle ‘organically’ created a following by touching and reaching every corner of crenshaw.

Everybody knew who, what, and why “The marathon continues” was important. People wanted to be apart of his journey. They wanted to be apart of history. That type of loyalty can and will always be monetized!!!!!! That only happens with real people!!!!!

If you network with 28 people per day within 365 days, you’ll organically reach 10,220 people. Focus your time, energy, and money to invest into “People”!!!! Investing into bot software, buying ads from companies, and other quick results scheme tactics never equal long-term succes




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