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Sean Andre


An entrepreneur, hip hop recording artist, model, actor, SMELifestyle inc, CEO. Born and raised in the streets of Brooklyn, NY tapping in all aspects of the entertainment industry promoting that entrepreneurship is thee way of life.

Sean Andre started out free-styling in high school during class to get some laughs and kill time. Telling by his lack of interest in what was taught in the classroom you could assumed that Sean Andre and school did not get along very well. But, that was then! Now he has grown to understand that knowledge is power and a man or woman must seek knowledge in order to be powerful in controlling their destiny. Free-styling became a form of self expression for Sean Andre. He was always fascinated with putting words together freely off the top of his head you my call it improv, but in hip hop its free-styling off the top way and getting things off his chest that were hard for to express otherwise.