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The ‘NO WAY OUT’ Podcast delivers an authoritative platform for the unheard, specifically in the realm of social justice and imprisonment. Incarceration often has the destructive power to strip individuals of their ambition, aspiration, and the will to metamorphose unspeakable torment into tangible reality. 

The ‘NO WAY OUT’ Podcast features ingenious minds from the spheres of music and business, all bearing the indelible mark of a felony on their records. In the universe of ‘The NO WAY OUT’ Podcast, a postponed dream is never considered a rejected dream. 

The brainchild behind the “No Way Out” Podcast is Psychatron, the Founder/CEO of 29 Skyy Entertainment. Having personally experienced the unjust treatment within the American justice system, Psychatron recognizes the pressing need for a platform that amplifies and empowers the voices of marginalized individuals: Black Men who have a criminal record. 

We strongly encourage aspiring artists and content creators with a felony background to share their music profiles and stories related to the American justice system through the form provided below. The team at 29 Skyy Entertainment and RADIOPUSHERS will carefully review your submission and get in touch with you via phone. 

Once accepted onto the “No Way Out” Podcast, you will receive detailed information about the broadcast platform campaign. As an approved artist, you will enjoy the following benefits: 

  1. A 200-word editorial feature on 
  1. 60 days of radio airplay on iHeartRadio. 
  1. A 30-minute interview on the Kulture Buzzin Podcast hosted by Kareesh Forreal. 
  1. A 30-minute interview on the WE BUILT DIFFERENT Podcast with Derrick T. Lewis. 
  1. A 200-word editorial feature on 

We believe in providing a platform for these underrepresented voices and are committed to supporting artists who have faced adversity within the American justice system. Join us on this journey and let your story be heard.