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“Jason ‘Big Head Bandz’ Johnson is the new face of Millennial luxury and Big Boy rap music in 2022. Big Head Bandz possesses an intricate and distinctive life perspective, which enables him to discuss real-life events with a universally accepted language.”

“His latest release, ‘Keep Forgetting,’ contains classic Big Head Bandz storytelling infused with Generation z energy.”

“Def Jam Recording Artist DaniLeigh is one of the most vital voices in R&B music and pop culture. DaniLeigh’s music infuses every component of life, love, broken romance, betrayal, and the strength of a woman.”

“Her latest Billboard-charting release, ‘My Side’ illuminates her creative genius. “

“2point0tnt music is transformative and aspirational for Millennials. Lyrically, 2point0tnt speaks to people’s private ambitions and desires in life. He’s a natural-born visionary and possesses fearless energy.”

“His latest single, ‘My Story,’ continues to receive critical acclaim from DJs, radio programmers, and top music executives globally.”

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