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Nothing takes the place of hard work and good “American Hustle” in the music business. Independent artists pay big $$$ for marketing companies to “promote” & market their brand across social media with expectations of gaining global attention and high-level engagement. Most artists believe that once you pay, everything will jump off and you’ll be popping bottles and tags in no time! Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest lies and misconceptions in the music business. No matter how much promo you purchase real or fake, you as the artist must be involved. This music game is too precious and privileged for anyone to think you can BUY your way to the top. The price of fame and success is priceless! Our team delivers real human engagement via Social Media. Real people listening, streaming, & buying your music is one of our chief focus points. Building your brand, creating a DOPE visual message, & connecting with consumers is where our company delivers matchless results.
Below are 10 branding action steps you can start doing RIGHT NOW and take control of your FUTURE! Nothing is guaranteed in life but DEATH and TAXES, but HARD WORK is always rewarded!

Step 1- Make a list of every person on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, & Pinterest that you communicate with on a frequent basis. This premium list reflects your in-house fanbase. Outline their gender, race, phone number, & email address. This process creates your “Email Blast List”. Complete genius!!.

Step 2- Make a list of active social media profiles with your network. This list enables you to “consistently” network and partner with “highly” engaged members of your online community. You will now have the leverage to target & customize all social media posts. Your social media posts will have more “eyeballs” and engagement. For example, if each member of your online community (500 members) has 100 active followers and shared your music, you just reached 50,000.

Step 3- Contact 60 Independent artists weekly on Soundcloud and leave a comment on “1” of their tracks. Include your contact info and willingness to co-partner. This process enables you to share your music profile with a minimum of 240 artists monthly. For example, if each artist has shared your music with their audience and they each have 100 fans, you just reached 24,000 people (100X240=24,000). You see how easy it is to reach 24,000 real people via social media.

Step 4- Contact 20 Real Human DJ’s (No Fake Internet DJ’s) within 30 days and develop a relationship. Inform the DJ you would like to be an Intern for his/her brand. Email your resume and work schedule availability. Inform the DJ you are more than willing to share, cross-promote, resell, and participate on all levels. Why is this important? Because DJ’s have relationships with major artists, A&R executives, record labels, club owners, & local promoters. Building a relationship with real human DJ’s (No fake Internet DJ’s) is priceless and ensures your brand gains organic exposure and recognition.

Step 5- Create a Facebook/Twitter Results Poll for your featured track. If you truly have an online fanbase, they will give you real feedback on your music. Facebook/Twitter polls are great interactive tools which engage your online community. Your real-time results enable you to really see if you have a true fanbase or fictional fanbase.

Step 6-Facebook/Instagram/Periscope are versatile Livestream platforms for Millennials. Create your own live stream party and incentivize your online fanbase to attend. Create professional online invitations and explain your mission/purpose behind the event. Network with a minimum of 200 people within your online community to attend and show major support! Engage multiple DJ’s to support your online Facebook/Twitter launch party.

Step 7- Login to Twitter and type in the search box “#indieartist”, #soundcloud, #soundcloudrapper, #mymixtapez, & retweet/like a minimum of 100 artists per week (That’s 14 people per day). Say if each artist has at least 1,000 real fans and they retweet your music? Your music just reached 100,000 people (100X1,000)! This powerful technique will explode your Twitter engagement and impressions! #betonyourself #trustdaprocess.

Step 8- Attend 5 live performance events in your local city. Contact & network with each designated promoter. Advise the promoter you will promote/market their event for free on all social media platforms and via on-the-ground marketing. Why would you work for free? Exactly! It’s genius and you have just created a #MAJORKEY with a #POWERPLAYER. Always stay close to the money!!.

Step 9- Setup a meeting with a well-known promoter locally. Come to the meeting prepared with your EPK, A-Game, dress sharply, and arrive on time. Explain to the promoter you want to “pay” a “premium” fee to perform and advertise with their event. Create a quick 30-second promo customized video promoting their event and showcasing your talent. Explain your passion and purpose for taking your career to the next level. #godsplan #betonyourself.

Step 10- Contact King James Worthy on Instagram/Twitter @kingjamesworthy and set up a brand consultation meeting. King James Worthy is a Multi-Platinum, Grammy Nominated, & BET Award-winning music producer & Billboard Charting Artist. King James Worthy will review your music and setup EPK (Electronic Press Kit) distribution to select record labels.


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