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Eddy Fish


Hailing from Boston, Eddy Fish represents a growing group of artists whose natural talent transcends the typical rapper stereotype and urban format. The born and raised Bostonian defines himself on his own terms through his music by blending elements from the street, today’s culture, his life experiences and his cultural perspective. He entered the spotlight at age 14 and has grown to be a talented artist that has bold lyrics and sophisticated beats that captivate audiences from all backgrounds. Not only is Eddy Fish New England’s biggest breakthrough artist, he is an artist that draws people with his music that stems from his own words that are powerful, real and genuine.

Eddy Fish has an astounding, strong presence on stage that have inspired fans nationally. He motivates his fans and encourages them to follow their passion and make it happen. Through his music and his tours, he shows that it is possible. He toured with famed Memphis rapper Yo Gotti in the U.S. Eddy Fish released the popular breakout single and smash hit, “Whole Lotta Money” with Yo Gotti and DMoney Martinez that was featured on Eddy’s “Real Niggas Know” Mixtape. Of Eddy’s connection with Yo Gotti it solidified a strong working relationship as the two artists continue to collaborate. Other hot artists on the “Real Niggas Know” Mixtape include Scarface, Gunplay, Cassidy and other artists as well as Supastar LT with the smash hit single “Kilo.” Eddy creates bold, fresh and relevant music that connects with a broad range of people.