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Below is the 1st Phase of Action Marketing required for Independent Artists.Our process gives your online profile a powerful “BOOST.” But nothing compares to old fashion word-of-mouth self-promotion. Everybody in your city should know you are a #FUTURESUPERSTAR! Each person you come in contact with should feel your music vibe and overall swag as an artist. Let everyone you meet know that you’re an aspiring artist and WATCHOUT!!

1. Ensure all social media accounts are labeled accurately and match on all platforms. Example @ClassroomMajors for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, & more.

2. Send personal customized support messages to your most active social media followers. Example, @iamginalove thanxx for rocking with us for real. Our music airs on @POWER1028LA every night between 11pm-1am est. Tunein to the mix & let me know what you think of the station playlist. Also, you can request our track #IWANTHER on the site @ It’s super simple. I know you like our music, so this process allows our team to receive more airplay. Thanxx a million for real.

3. Create a professional business card with your image, logo, station link, social media and contact information for public distribution. Everyone you come in contact with should receive a card and this elevator pitch: Hey real quick. I’m Noez and I’m part of the recording group Classroom Majors Our music is streaming on POWER1028 LA, and their station playlist is krazy! I’m giving you my card with our artist info and station link. No app to download. Just enter that link from your phone, computer, or if you have the TUNEIN App, you can stream from your Smart TV. The Music is FIYA on this Station, and our song airs between 11 pm-1am est. If you like the mix and our track, request us. POWER 1028LA plays all genres of music. Anyway, I’ll let you get back to your day, and it was good seeing you. Again, I’m Noez, from future super group Classroom Majors. Our info is on the card. Peace!

4.Make a list of all barber shops, local restaurants, hair salons, malls, laundry mats & local strip malls to distribute your info. You want to have a minimum of 20 barbershops and 20 hair salons on your distribution route.

5. Reach out to a minimum of 50 Indie artist’s per week that have a bigger audience than you. Why? Because working with people more successful than you is the smartest thing EVER!!. Let them know you’ll promote their music for free and they’ll do the same for you. Retweet, like, and comment on their pages. Example, if @ClassroomMajors has 20,000 Instagram Followers and they repost your IG post, you just reached 20,000 ppl. Common sense.