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YOLO! You only live once! Your life story is just like a movie & it’s essential for the world to understand everything about your struggle, pain, process, rage, courage, & most importantly the music. Our team of writers performs the following action items to create an intimate & personal biography of your artistic journey. Our team of writers listens to your music.

This process enables our team to gain an accurate understanding of your musical message. Our team of writers conducts a brief interview to gather critical facts regarding your life. These facts enable our team to paint a vivid picture of your journey in full detail. Our team of writers transcribes the biography into an audio file. The audio file is a professional voiceover detailing the biography in words. This feature enables people to stream your bio via audio. The audio file is distributed to Spotify, Itunes, & Tunein for global visibility. The featured artist receives a copy of the master Mp3 file.

Narrated & Written by Jonathan P-Wright