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Welcome to the NEXT LEVEL!! Creating REAL HUMAN ENGAGEMENT is the core focus of RADIOPUSHERS/MUSICHYPEBEAST. Nothing else matters! The ability to have real people review, like,& comment naturally is the optimal pathway to build a FANBASE. The online community of RADIOPUSHERS/MUSICHYPEBEAST provides the most advanced interactive social platform for Music Millennials.

The engagement protocol process rules are basic & effective. You comment on an Influencer’s IG page & they will return the favor to you. A critical component of the process requires each community member to “organically” engage posts. Once you leave feedback on the designated post, send a direct message to the Influencer letting them know you’ve engaged their post. See the sample message below

@richsoulforever dope post. I’m always on your feed! Let’s stay connected! #radiopushers #(artistname) #musichypebeast

After you leave the comment, send a direct message with the Instagram Link to your post for engagement.

Sample direct message

@richsoulforever I’m apart of the MUSICHYPEBEAST/RADIOPUSHERS community. I left positive feedback on your post, and I would appreciate it much if you review my post & dope a comment/like. You can always tag me on any post associated with your brand, and I’ll respond asap.

People understand that RADIOPUSHERS/MUSICHYPEBEAST is the NEW FUTURE of Millennial Music Branding & Monetization!!

There is NO REASON not to have ULTRA HIGH ENGAGEMENT! Let’s gooooooooo!!!