OUT THE MUD CAMPAIGN embodies the hustler spirit of the new age millennial artist.  Self-financing your project, calling all the shots, and taking all the risks comes at a very HIGH price.  The “OUT THE MUD Campaign” is designed and created by music millennials.

The featured artist receives “REAL” digital radio airplay tracked by the #1 source for airplay reporting Digital Radio Tracker (http://digitalradiotracker.com/)

The featured artist receives two radio spins during prime airtime playlist slots daily. The featured station is 106.1 THE BEAT SAN DIEGO Click Here 106.1 THE BEAT SAN DIEGO is monitored by Digital Radio Tracker. Stream below

Days of Social Media Advertising via Twitter. Our social media team promotes the featured artist track via Twitter from multiple accounts. C/O our branded Twitter accounts

The featured artist receives access to a minimum of 1000 real active customized Instagram users per 30 days.  The #WINNERSCIRCLE Directory is a social media rolodex of highly active and engaged Instagram users.  The #WINNERSCIRCLE Directory is curated by Millennials and enables artists to “CHOOSE” who they want to follow ORGANICALLY.  Artists can preview the Instagram feed of each user and engage in real time.  The #WINNERSCIRCLE Directory allows each artist to CONTROL who they want to FOLLOW.  Most companies use “follow/unfollow” software to boost growth from random accounts without understanding the exact audience of the artist.  The #WINNERSCIRCLE Directory updates 4X per month with real active humans’ users dedicated to music, entertainment, business, power players, & more. Every time you follow someone their Instagram activity pops up in your daily TIMELINE.  Imagine engaging with 500 real people on your timeline which “UNDERSTAND” your movement? Welcome to the #WINNERSCIRCLE Directory baby!!!!! Visit the #WINNERSCIRCLE Directory @ Here (Only members of the RADIOPUSHERS/MUSICHYPEBEAST Community have access. Please create a username & password.).The featured artist’s Instagram account is included in the #WINNERSCIRCLE Instagram Chat room. The #WINNERSCIRCLE Social Media platform enables indie artists to engage/network with each other in real time. Artists comment, like, and share each other’s posts.

The featured artist receives Instagram post “liking” engagement on a maximum of “7” posts per week. Each post receives likes, views, impressions, and Instagram saves. All social media traffic is targeted via the Instagram explore and external accounts from highly active users. The featured artist receives Instagram traffic on images and video’s. All IG posts engagements are variable based upon likeability and quality of content. Users will comment naturally based on their satisfaction. Make sure your IG account is set up on “Business” mode and check your Instagram insights analytics every 24 hours. Impressions, Profile visits, accounts reach, likes, profile saves, video views & more increases during this 30-Day cycle. The featured artist receives engagements from real active Instagram users. RADIOPUSHERS can modify the gender ratio of traffic. RADIOPUSHERS can drive a higher percentage of female or male users to the featured artist profile. The featured artist can request engagement from a specific country during the 30-day cycle.

The focus of the #winnerscircle is to empower, educate, and engage music Millennials. There is a minimum of 32 real independent artists per IG Chat room. Real human engagement for “FREE.” Imagine having hundreds of people leaving comments on your posts daily. RADIOPUSHERS/MUSICHYPEBEAST is the only social media platform designed, created, and engineered to EMPOWER Music Millennials.

Welcome to the #winnerscircle. C/O @ Click Here

Free Digital subscription to RNH Magazine.  RNH Magazine is 1000% digital and socially influenced by music millennials.  RNH Magazine enables Millennials to stream live interviews, music, and catch up with some of the dopest Indie artists in the WORLD!  C/O RNH Magazine @ Here

C/O the Colin Kapernick POWER500 Edition. Click below

The featured artist can rotate “1” song per month

The featured artist track is eligible for Spotify playlist placement on DREAMHUSTLEWIN.

#DREAMHUSTLEWIN Spotify Playlist currently has 10,000+ followers. The record must be approved by the music curation team. DREAMHUSTLEWIN Spotify Playlist @ Here

The featured artist viral IAMTV video airs every Saturday on RADIO PUSHERS TV during the IAMTV Series Mix between 6pm-8pm-est. The IAMTV series airs two-minute viral documentaries of emerging indie artists. The 2-minute video gives viewers a glimpse into your lifestyle, mindset, & musical vision. The IAMTV Series is ultra-dope! C/O the IAMTV Series here: Here

RADIOPUSHERS TV is the #1 Millennial Music & TV Network available for AMAZON FIRE TV & ROKU users. Watch RADIOPUSHERS TV online @ Watch Tv

RADIOPUSHERS TV is available in over 70,000,000 homes via Amazon Fire TV Stick & ROKU. Viewers stream RADIOPUSHERS TV via ROKU Player, Amazon Fire TV Stick, & online @ Here

STREAM da hottest viral content on da planet! Powered by Amazon Fire TV and ROKU


The featured artist receives a customized interactive landing page @ Here in the “iHussle” Viral Directory. The landing page includes the following multi-media features

  • Embedded Artist Spotify or Soundcloud Player (Users stream popular tracks from the featured artist).
  • Embedded YouTube video Player (Users can follow the profile of the featured artist).
  • Embedded URL Artist Instagram Profile (Users can view & interact with the featured artist on IG).
  • The featured artist receives a customized digital radio station embedded on their page. The fanbase of the artist is enabled to stream their designated station 24/7 in real time.
  • The featured artist receives a customized “Request Your Artist” request button on their landing page.
  • C/O the iHussle Smart Link Page of Global Recording Artist Old South GG Click Here

All orders are final, and the above information is your full agreement of services.



Welcome to RADIOPUSHERS. We’re excited to partner with your brand and securing the transaction is ultra important to our organization. After you complete the purchase you will need to E-Sign the Card Authorization form. The Card Authorization form validates the order and protects both parties. Whoever is the owner of the prepaid, debit card or credit card used for this transaction must E-Sign the card authorization form.

We understand some artists may have a family member or friend purchase the campaign on their behalf, but the “actual” owner of the card must be AWARE & E-Sign the card authorization form.

This process ensures both parties are protected and doing good long-term business. Call us if you have any questions at 310-507-9320.

FYI, we accept all cards including GREEN DOT, American Express Serve, NETSPEND, Walmart Prepaid, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Google Pay, Apple Pay & Vanilla Visa. All prepaid cards are accepted.