2X Grammy-Awarding Winning & Multi-Platinum Music Producer Drummaboy Fresh releases & curates the Playlist #OUTHTHEMUD powered by BETONYOURSELF.  The high energy playlist includes premium tracks from Drummaboy Fresh infused with raw millennial indie music.  The #OUTTHEMUD Playlist updates every 30days and is marketed via BETONYOURSELF on all social media platforms. C/O #OUTTHEMUD Playlist here.

The featured artist receives a 10-minute live stream interview on the BETONYOURSELF Podcast powered by .  The Podcast is hosted by Neffy Raps.  C/O the Podcast @ here

The designated track maximum time length cannot exceed 7 minutes.

The designated track must not contain any lyrics or references to any anything deemed racist, pro-hate, body shaming, or any distasteful depiction of humanity.

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The featured artist receives a “personalized” 30-second welcome viral video message exclusively from Drummaboy Fresh. The featured artist can share the “welcome” video on their social media platforms!

30 Days of Airplay on “1” DRT tracked radio stations.  RAIRADIO stations are monitored by Digital Radio Tracker. (www.digitalradiotracker.com). DRT tracks & monitors 5000+ radio stations including FM, Satellite, College, BDS, & Digital.  The featured artist music airs during “prime” airplay sessions.  Each digital radio station has 122-hour playlists.  Each playlist airs commercial and independent artists. The featured artist track airs 6X a day per station.

*MUSICHYPEBEAST Curators reviews every music submission before the song is live within any playlist. The MUSICHYPEBEAST playlists are engineered for a premium listening experience for end users.

The featured artist receives a minimum of 5,000targeted playlist streams.

The featured artist receives 15,000 Artist Profile Catalog streams. Artist profile catalog streams identify listeners visited your profile on www. .com and streamed your music from the artist profile. Artist Profile Catalog streams reflect listeners “direct” interest to the music. Artist profile catalog highlights the “strength” & popularity of your music individually.

The featured artist receives a minimum of 1,000 followers.

MUSICHYPEBEAST is a high energy interactive multi-media platform for ultra-creative music millennials. MUSICHYPEBEAST team of curators create “push-start” Playlists for music enthusiasts worldwide. MUSICHYPEBEAST engineers playlists with a “no-skip” track functionality system.

The perfect blend of music is a sweet science and MUSICHYPEBEAST understands the formula. Welcome to the new age of music curation infused with human intelligence.

The featured artist receives Instagram post “liking” engagement on a maximum of “5” posts per week. Each post receives likes, views, impressions, and Instagram saves. All social media traffic is targeted via the Instagram explore and external accounts from highly active users. The featured artist receives Instagram traffic on images and video’s. All IG posts engagements are variable based upon likeability and quality of content. Users will comment naturally based on their satisfaction. Make sure your IG account is set up on “Business” mode and check your Instagram insights analytics every 24 hours. Impressions, Profile visits, accounts reach, likes, profile saves, video views & more increases during this 30-Day cycle.

The featured artist receives access to a minimum of 1000 real active customized Instagram users per 30days.  The #WINNERSCIRCLE Directory is a social media rolodex of highly active and engaged Instagram users.  The #WINNERSCIRCLE Directory is curated by Millennials and enables artists to “CHOOSE” who they want to follow ORGANICALLY. Artists can preview the Instagram feed of each user and engage in real time. The #WINNERSCIRCLE Directory allows each artist to CONTROL who they want to FOLLOW.  Most companies use “follow/unfollow” software to boost growth from random accounts without understanding the exact audience of the artist.

The #WINNERSCIRCLE Directory updates 4X per month with real active humans’ users dedicated to music, entertainment, business, power players, & more.Every time you follow someone their Instagram activity pops up in your daily TIMELINE.  Imagine engaging with 500 real people on your timeline which “UNDERSTAND” your movement? Welcome to the #WINNERSCIRCLE Directory baby!!!!! Visit the #WINNERSCIRCLE Directory @ Here (Only members of the RADIOPUSHERS/MUSICHYPEBEAST Community have access. Please create a username & password).

Please email the URL link to the designated post for Instagram engagement to newhypebeastops@gmail.com Attention: Instagram Traffic
After you post please email asap. The targeted traffic begins within 12 to 24 hours to prevent any issues with Instagram. Make sure you use the hashtags #radiopushers #musichypebeast #betonyourself #winnerscircle for 100% optimization.

The featured artist receives a digital interactive artist profile placement with MUSICHYPEBEAST.  The digital feature includes the following interactive features

  • Embedded Artist Player (Users stream popular tracks from the featured artist).
  • Embedded Artist “Follow” button (Users can follow the profile of the featured artist).
  • Embedded Artist Instagram Profile (Users can view & interact with the featured artist on IG).
  • The featured artist high-resolution banner is highlighted on the landing page.
  • The featured artist receives a customized digital radio station embedded on their page. The fanbase of the artist is enabled to stream their designated station 24/7 in real time.
  • The featured artist receives a customized “Request Your Artist” request button on their landing page.
  • Embedded Artist Soundcloud player (Users stream popular tracks from the featured artist).
  • The featured artist radio interview with Neffy Raps from the Vibe session is featured inside the digital interactive feature with MUSICHYPEBEAST.
  • The featured artist receives a Q&A (Questions & Answer) style interview layout. The feature is hyper-focused on the latest music release, music branding, artist business ventures, and Playlist placement with MUSICHYPEBEAST.

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