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The CROSSOVER Campaign ensures a minimum of 10,000 to 15,000 Apple Music listeners within 30 days based upon multiple music branding and marketing platforms within the / network.

The artist tracked is placed inside a designated  Playlist managed by . The artists receive geo-targeted  listeners. GEO Targeted means the featured artist can select the preferred country listening audience.

/ advertises featured artist track via the following marketing methods

Targeted Email Music Release Submission to a minimum of 5,000 people 1X per month.

  • Share the designated¬†¬†Playlist via Instagram stories from the @RAIRADIOEMPIRE Account.
  • Share the¬†designated¬†¬†track¬†within the¬†#POWERCIRCLE Instagram Engagement¬†Community with¬†500+ active Music Millennials.
  • Share the¬† track via STATIONHEAD Music Station.
  • ¬†streaming activity¬†varies based upon the¬†artist’s quality of music and playlist¬†exposure level.¬†A new artist achieves an average of 5,000 to 8,000 new listeners within a 30-Day timeframe.
  • Featured artist track receives customized Push Notification marketing/advertising via THE OFFICIAL APP. The exclusive Push Notifications include a URL link to their designated track. All active mobile app users recieve Push Notifications in real time.

The CROSSOVER Campaign ensures a minimum of 3,000 to 5,000 TIDAL Music listeners within 30 days based upon multiple music branding and marketing platforms within the / network.

The CROSSOVER Campaign ensures a minimum of 5,000 to 8,000 Amazon Music listeners within 30 days based upon multiple music branding and marketing platforms within the / network.

The featured artist receives the following Instagram services for 30 Days

  • A minimum of 10% increase in Instagram Profile visits
  • A minimum of 1000 Engagements on all video and image posts (Maximum of 30 posts within 30 Days)
  • A minimum of 10% increase in Instagram impressions
  • The featured artist receives access to¬†350 real human active Instagram users with the / online community.¬† provides the artist with a secure login and password to access Instagram users via mobile app. Every Instagram user is based in music, entertainment, social media tastemaker, etc.
  • All Instagram traffic is verified via Instagram Insights.

The designated track includes marketing via Instagram Stories to a minimum of 500 users from the RAIRADIOEMPIRE Instagram account.

The designated track is promoted via the MUSICHYPEBEAS Apple Music Playlist. The Apple Music Playlist is promoted on all social media platforms of .

The featured track marketing and branding includes a customized landing page @ The artist landing page receives a minimum of 5,000 unique monthly website visitors. All website traffic is tracked via Google Analytics and Bitly (

The featured artist receives a 10 minute pre-recorded phone interview on the #BETONYOURSELF Podcast powered by , ITunes, Google Podcasts, TUNEIN, and Stitcher. The #BETONYOURSELF Podcast is an ultra dynamic broadcast platform which focuses on the journey, pain, passion, and triumph of the Independent artist.

The featured artist receives radio airplay in 12 Digital Radio markets and 4,000 DRT tracked spins in 30 days.  All digital airplay is tracked and monitored via Digital Radio Tracker. ( Digital Radio Tracker is the #1 source for all radio airplay tracking and data reporting.

Digital Radio Tracker charts the top artist’s records based upon radio demand.  /maintains at minimum 15 of the Top 150 artists charting weekly.  C/O the charts Here





105.1 Live is one of the premier radio station networks in North Carolina. Emerging artists from all areas of North Carolina grace the studio of 105.1 Live to spread their music vision and passion. 105.1 Live broadcasts in 75+ countries and receives thousands of monthly visitors to their radio network.  105.1 Live’s studio showcases the highest level of technology, interior décor, and Millennial swag.  Some of the most powerful names in music and entertainment are in partnership with 105.1 Live. 105.1 Live is the preeminent voice of Music Millennials in North Carolina.

The featured artist receives 30 Days of tracked Radio Airplay on 105.1 Live located at 358 South Elm Street Greensboro, North Carolina. 105.1 Live is monitored/tracked by The featured artist tracks airs 3X per day in a pre-set playlist. Featured artist can rotate ‚Äú1‚ÄĚ song per month.¬† Stream live Click Here

The featured artist receives access to the #POWERCIRCLE Engagement Community powered by 1000+ Music Millennials and executives. The #POWERCIRCLE platform enables Music Millennials to freely interact with thousands of real human music focused individuals.

The #POWERCIRCLE Engagement Community is the #1 organic growth platform for Music Millennials. The #POWERCIRCLE Engagement Community is available to active community members only.

Free Digital subscription to RNH Magazine. RNH Magazine is 1000% digital and socially influenced by music millennials. RNH Magazine enables Millennials to stream live interviews, music, and catch up with some of the dopest Indie artists in the WORLD! C/O RNH Magazine @ Here

C/O the Colin Kapernick POWER500 Edition. Click Below:

“STREAM the dopest viral content on da planet powered by Amazon Fire TV and ROKU”. RADIOPUSHERS TV the #1 Millennial Music & TV Network!



RAIRADIO is 100% Digital and not an FM, BDS, or media-base network. Our network is tracked & monitored by Digital Radio Tracker.

Digital Distribution is optional for this campaign. The designated artist music, marketing plan and 12 month budget projection must meet the release criteria for /SONG SOURCE MUSIC GROUP.

All music and viral distribution is powered by /SONG SOURCE MUSIC GROUP/EMPIRE. EMPIRE provides the distribution channel for the designated track or visual video. EMPIRE does not provide any marketing, branding, or any other digital/physical resources.

/SONG SOURCE MUSIC GROUP provide all marketing and branding resources for the designated artist.

The Mp3 distribution includes on all major digital streaming & retail sites. The outlets include JPAY/GTL (UNITED STATES PRISON SYSTEM), & more. /EMPIRE provides a full list of all digital retailers broadcasting your track upon request.

Digital distribution for ‚Äú1‚ÄĚ Mp3 track fully processes on all sites within two weeks from submission. /EMPIRE provides tracking & revenue performance reports after the initial 90 days reporting cycle.
Digital Distribution Agreement is located @ Here

All artwork must be created and approved by . The artist can not create their own artwork for digital distribution.

All orders are final, and the above information is your full agreement of services.

Campaign details are subject to change based upon digital service market demands and rate increases across consumer platforms.

RAIRADIO is not a FM, BDS, or Mediabase radio network. RAIRADIO is a 100% Digital Radio Network tracked and monitored by Digital Radio Tracker. All stations are tracked and monitored for National Airplay reporting and streaming data.
All sales are final upon purchase


Welcome to RADIOPUSHERS. We’re excited to partner with your brand and securing the transaction is ultra important to our organization. After you complete the purchase you will need to E-Sign the Card Authorization form. The Card Authorization form validates the order and protects both parties. Whoever is the owner of the prepaid, debit card or credit card used for this transaction must E-Sign the card authorization form.

We understand some artists may have a family member or friend purchase the campaign on their behalf, but the “actual” owner of the card must be AWARE & E-Sign the card authorization form.

This process ensures both parties are protected and doing good long-term business. Call us if you have any questions at 310-507-9320.

FYI, we accept all cards including GREEN DOT, American Express Serve, NETSPEND, Walmart Prepaid, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Google Pay, Apple Pay & Vanilla Visa. All prepaid cards are accepted.