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King Bless


It’s a cultural fact that the Bronx is Mecca to the Master of Ceremony. From Grandmaster Caz to KRS-1 to Slick Rick, the X provided the world with its first views of the rap throne. Unfortunately, the Big Apple’s stem hasn’t produced a Top 5 MC since Big Pun’s death. This is what makes the re-introduction of rhyme artist King Bless such a gift to the rap game. The product of Kingsbridge is ready for his crown, and possesses all the tools to bring BX royalty back to his city: a background solidified in the streets and music industry, an ear for music that will stimulate the charts, incarcerated and gentlemen’s clubs, and a pen with the potential to sever heads of Kings and offer their Queens a greater life.

Born to Cuban and Jamaican parents, Bless was also raised by the insane block of BX. While he always enjoyed learning as a student at John F Kennedy High School, he was attracted to and distracted by the underworld that lined his entire borough. A talented speaker and writer who was aggressive in nature, young Bless took to battle rapping as a creative outlet. He studied the lyrical greats of his era, no matter their status–from heavyweights like Jay Z to People’s Champs like Ransom.

Eventually, Bless’ talent would attract enough eyes and ears to end up working with stars and legends in both R&B and rap. From rhyming over the handcrafted production of one of DITC’S finest producers, Buckwild, to spitting alongside Jim Jones, Uncle Murda and Kool G Rap to showing his versatility via a collab with singer Bobby V, it appeared Bless was on the road to riches and hometown ambassadorship in hip-hop. Unfortunately, that love of all things royal–foreign cars and clothes, high-rise condos, diamond-frosted jewelry–kept one of Bless’ Gucci-covered feet in the studio and the other in the illegal activity. His mismatched pivot cost him his music career momentum, a prison stay and a record with two felonies.

Instead of letting his story be defined by mistakes, Bless took his lessons learned and promised himself that by the end of his probation he would be a greater man than he was prior to prison. He decided to remain an entrepreneur –a legal one. He took his hustler’s spirit, salesman skills, and remaining money and invested into his future by opening his very own fragrance boutique store, Lavish Lifestyle, in the Bronx. Once the new business thrived in its first year, Bless felt it was time to return to his passion and dream: becoming a BX-born global music artist.

Adding to his entrepreneurial portfolio, Bless formed his own label, Blue Chip Music Group, and set forth as the boutique’s first act. Blue Chip will release his mixtape, “FRUITION” late Summer 2017 and a debut EP Spring 2018. The mixtape will out perform most of 2017’s official album releases. It boasts balanced production from the established (Bude & Grandz) to the next up (Dizzy Banko & Duke Dolla), guest appearances from a few of NYC’s finest storytellers (Dave East), and a diversity that will have to Bless loved by bot LOX and Chris Brown fans. A rap game saturated with fictitious characters can now consider itself “blessed” with a truth teller who is more lyrical and street-certified than its favorite rappers, and more in-tune with the opposite sex than its favorite new singers. It was only a matter of time before the Bronx made the perfect MC.

King Bless persona is going far beyond music & rap story telling. King Bless is the last of a dying breed of real-life super hero’s in rap culture. Tupac Shakur, Biggie, LL Cool J, Rakim, Eminem, 50 Cent, & other rap legends were larger than life and illuminated the imagination of rap fans globally. The body physique, mass appeal, and pure swag electricity which emits from King Bless command eye-level attention on sight. King Bless was born certified and will die an urban legend. Far beyond music, film, clothing, and merchandising, King Bless path of greatness will open doors for future millennial’s in music & pop culture.

King Bless is the newest form of urban branding commercial gold on every level. The face of King Bless empowers any brand which motivates realness, pop culture, & millennial’s.