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RADIOPUSHERS is the #1 Millennial Music Branding Agency. Our team focuses on increasing the actual online Fanbase of the artist via social media, creating super dope music monetization strategies, long-term marketing results, and most importantly, pairing the artist with an actual human advisor throughout the process.   

RADIOPUSHERS’s unorthodox marketing and branding solutions are based solely on ‘human-growth’ strategies. Every artist interacts and engages with a minimum of 500 targeted people monthly. Each social media user is hand-picked by RADIOPUSHERS’s research and development team.   

RADIOPUSHERS operates on a 24-month growth and monetization roadmap schedule for artists. Within 24 months, we aspire every artist to be positioned for

  • Social Media Verification
  • Increased social media engagement by 100% 
  • Global Merchandising
  • Sponsored Advertising Partnerships 
  • Compensated Live Performance Opportunities 
  • Worldwide fanbase of a minimum of 15,000 real people 
  • Sync Licensing placements  
  • Equity/Debt Raise of at minimum $10,000   

RADIOPUSHERS provides E-Learning Master Classes via Spotify Greenroom, Demio, RIFF, Clubhouse, and Riverside FM. Artists interface with upper echelon music executives in real-time. Establishing a faithful following and organic music audience is key to making it in the music industry. Authenticity is a marathon; fake is a short walk to nowhere.